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Dashboard Designer: ExpressView Visualizations

Deprecated Documentation

This document applies to pre-v2019.2 of the application. For current Dashboard documentation, refer to the v2019.2+ section.

Create tabular reports and visualizations directly on the dashboard with ExpressView visualizations. To do so, either:

  • Drag the Add2.png New Tile icon onto the Dashboard and select Visualization.
  • Drag a field from the Data Pane directly onto the Dashboard.

A KPI chart is the default visualization for a single data field. To add data fields, drag fields from the Data Pane onto the visualization. To swap to a tabular report, click the Show Table TileModeTabularSelected.png icon. To swap back to a chart, click the Show Chart TileModeVizSelected.png icon.

For details on building a tabular ExpressView visualization, see ExpressView.

For details on building a chart ExpressView visualization, see Visualizations.

For information about what report settings are available, see Report Settings.

To save the visualization as a new ExpressView, click the menu screen.dashboard_tilemenu.png icon and select Save as ExpressView. The visualization will open in the ExpressView Designer.

Suppress Detail Rows v2017.3+

To remove all data rows from the visualization and only show summary data, from the Settings pane, select Suppress Tabular Detail Rows. This may improve the performance for visualizations that do not depend on the detail values.

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