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Support and Maintenance Policy

Exago Inc. provides technical and customer support for Exago BI in accordance with our OEM Software License Agreement and Support Services Plan.

OEM License Agreement, section 8.4.1:

The warranty provided in this Section 8 does not extend to any Software that is modified or altered without Licensor’s approval, is not maintained in accordance with the Documentation, is operated in a manner other than that specified in the Documentation, or Licensee has not installed the Updates provided by Licensor.

Support Services Plan, section Defects:

Product Management, along with representatives in Support and Client Advocacy, will prioritize Licensee’s alleged defect for a future maintenance or scheduled major product release, unless the defect has left Licensee unable to use the Software.

(The last clause refers to defects that are determined to be of Fatal severity, and are thus excepted from normal support procedure.)

This document explains how Exago Inc. provides support and maintenance updates for Exago BI.

Release Cycle

Exago Inc. releases major versions of Exago BI approximately twice a year: once in the Summer, and once in the Winter. Major versions will contain new features, bug fixes, and potentially breaking changes. The major release number is indicated by the first two parts of the Exago version number:

2019.1.14.115: This build number belongs to the 2019.1 release (i.e. the first major version of Exago BI released in the year 2019).

Exago Inc. releases maintenance (“minor”) versions of Exago BI on a three-week cadence. Maintenance versions contain bug fixes, and may contain optional unobtrusive features. The maintenance release number is indicated by the third part of the Exago version number:

2019.1.14.115: This build is the 14th maintenance release of version 2019.1 of Exago BI. (The last three digits are internal numbering and can be disregarded).


Hotfixes are released outside of the normal maintenance cycle. Hotfix releases are provided in the unusual circumstance where a defect is determined to be of fatal impact to a licensee. Changes in hotfix releases are typically limited to the fix for the single defect. Hotfixes are considered to be a maintenance release, and the version number will be incremented accordingly.


The three-week maintenance cycle is not a promise. Occasionally, cycle boundaries will not contain a maintenance release for older versions of Exago BI – this is usually caused by situations of low development bandwidth, such as during major release windows.

Sunsetting Policy

Exago Inc. provides maintenance releases for the three most recent major versions. For example, if the current major release is version 2019.2, then maintenance releases are provided for versions 2019.2, 2019.1, and 2018.2. Generally, new product features are not targeted to versions older than the most current one, except in unusual circumstances. This can only happen when it is possible for a feature to be released in an optional and unobtrusive manner, and only when it would be excessively burdensome for a licensee to upgrade to the latest release in order to obtain the new feature.

Defects that are detected in an older version of Exago BI are validated in the most recent major version as well, and fixes in development are targeted to both the detected version (if supported) and the most recent version (if applicable). Whether these defects are validated and fixed in other major versions is discretionary.

Major versions of Exago BI that are not receiving regular maintenance builds (i.e. any other than the three most recent major versions) are considered to be unsupported. Defects that are detected in an unsupported version of Exago BI will not be fixed in that version except in extenuating circumstances.

Defects of fatal severity are exempted from the aforementioned procedure.

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