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REST – Config Settings

The Settings endpoint allows access to many settings of the current configuration and session.

Settings JSON

Settings are represented as JSON objects with the following properties. Each corresponds with a setting in the Admin Console and base configuration file. Some settings appear both in the Settings JSON (Table A) and in General Settings JSON (Table B). When this happens, use the Table B setting.

Table A — Settings JSON Properties
Name Type Writable
General General Settings yes
Deperecated. Use General/DateFormat instead.
string yes
Deprecated. Use General/TimeFormat instead.
string yes
Deprecated. Use General/DateTimeFormat instead.
string yes
Deprecated. Use General/SeperatorSumbol instead.
string yes
Deprecated. Use General/CurrencySymbol instead.
string yes
Deprecated. Use General/DecimalSymbol insread.
string yes
Deprecated. Use General/IsShowGrid instead.
boolean yes
Deperecared. Use General/IsShowCrossTabReports instead.
boolean yes
Deprecated. Use General/IsShowExpressReports instead.
boolean yes
Deprested. Use General/IsShowExpressReportsGrouping instead.
boolean yes
Deprecated. Use General/IsShowExpressReportsFormulaButton instead.
boolean yes
Deperecated. Use General/IsShowExpressReportsStylingToolbar instead.
boolean yes
Deprecated. Use General/IsShowExpressReportsThemes instead.
boolean yes
Deprecated. Use General/IsShowAdvancedReports instead.
boolean yes
Deperecated. Use General/IsShowScheduleReports instead.
boolean yes
Deperecated. Use General/IsShowScheduleReportsManager instead.
boolean yes
Deperecated. Use General/IsShowScheduleReportsEmail instead.
boolean yes
Deprecated. Use General/IsReadFilterValues instead.
boolean yes
ShowTabs boolean yes
WebReportsBaseUrl string yes
DefaultFolderName string yes
DefaultReportName string yes

General Settings JSON

Some settings appear both in the Settings JSON (Table A) and in General Settings JSON (Table B). When this happens, use the Table B setting.

Table B – General Settings JSON Properties
Name Type Writable
ReportPath string yes
AllowHomeDirect boolean yes
AllowHtmlOutput boolean yes
AllowExcelOutput boolean yes
AllowPdfOutput boolean yes
AllowRtfOutput boolean yes
AllowCsvOutput boolean yes
DefaultOutputType wrExportType yes
IsWriteLog boolean yes
CustomCode string yes
LicenseKey string yes
DateFormat string yes
TimeFormat string yes
DateTimeFormat string yes


  1. Date
  2. Time
  3. DateTime
IsReadFilterValues boolean yes
DbTimeout integer yes
DbRowLimit integer yes
DbRowLimitStepSize integer yes
VisualizationDbRowLimit integer yes
CallTypeParamName string yes
ColumnParamName string yes
FilterParamName string yes
FullFilterParamName string yes
SortParamName string yes
DataCategoryParamName string yes
ObjectIdParamName string yes
IsShowGrid boolean yes
ActiveRoleId string yes
IsDebugging boolean yes
IsShowPdfTemplate boolean yes
IsDashboardPromptAtExecution boolean yes
IsDashboardShowUrlItemButton boolean yes
IsVisualizationShowKeyword boolean yes
IsShowChartWizard boolean yes
IsShowMapWizard boolean yes
IsShowGoogleMapWizard boolean yes
IsShowGaugeWizard boolean yes
IsSaveOnExecute boolean yes
IsSaveOnFinish boolean yes
IsEnableRightClickMenus boolean yes
IsEnableReportsTreeDragAndDrop boolean yes
IsShowLinkReportFields boolean yes
IsShowLinkReportFormula boolean yes
IsShowLinkAction boolean yes
IsShowInsertImage boolean yes
ExpirationDateStr string yes
IsHtmlPaging boolean yes
WindowHeight integer yes
WindowWidth integer yes
SeparatorSymbol string yes
CurrencySymbol string yes
DecimalSymbol string yes
IsDataMapping boolean yes
IsShowJoinFields boolean yes
IsDetectJoinedObjects boolean yes
IsEnableSpecialCartesianProcessing boolean yes
IsIncludeNotFilterNullValues boolean yes
TempPath string no
TempCloudService string yes
DataCloudService string yes
IsShowScheduleReports boolean yes
IsShowScheduleReportsManager boolean yes
ScheduleManagerViewLevel Schedule Manager View Level yes
IsShowScheduleReportsEmail boolean yes
ScheduleRemotingHost string yes
SynchronousRemotingHost string yes
SchedulerQueueService string yes
ReportScheduleEmailSubject string yes
ReportScheduleEmailBody string yes
IsRenewSession boolean yes
PasswordRequirement string yes
IsExecuteRemotely boolean yes
IsAccessDataSourcesRemotely boolean yes
MaxTempFileAge integer yes
AllowExecuteNewFilters boolean yes
ExternalInterface string yes
DecimalPlaces integer yes
CurrencyDecimalPlaces integer yes
ApplyGeneralFormatDecimalPlaces boolean yes
ApplyGeneralCurrencyRightAlignment boolean yes
ChartColors string yes
GeochartMapKey string yes
MapColors string yes
GoogleMapKey pre-v2018.1 string yes
GoogleMapJSAPIKey v2018.1+ string yes
GoogleMapGeocodeAPIKey v2018.1+ string yes
GoogleMapColors string yes
GaugeColors string yes
IsShowGroupFilters boolean yes
IsShowJoinsWindow boolean yes
IsShowAdvancedJoins boolean yes
IsShowEventsWindow boolean yes
IsShowReportParametersWindow boolean yes
IsShowCrosstabReports boolean yes
IsShowDashboardReports boolean yes
IsShowChainedReports boolean yes
IsAllowExpressViewLiveEdit boolean yes
IsShowExpressViews boolean yes
IsShowDashboardNewVisualizationButton boolean yes
IsShowDashboardDataFieldsSearch boolean yes
IsShowExpressViewDataFieldsSearch boolean yes
IsUseSampleDataForDashboardVisualizationDesign boolean yes
IsDashboardPromptKeywordByDefault boolean yes
IsShowExpressReports boolean yes
IsShowExpressReportsGrouping boolean yes
IsShowExpressReportsFormulaButton boolean yes
IsShowExpressReportsStylingToolbar boolean yes
IsShowExpressReportsThemes boolean yes
IsShowAdvancedReports boolean yes
IsShowGroupHeadersFormulaButton boolean yes
IsOneCategoryLimit boolean yes
IsCacheServices boolean yes
SchedulerRecipientWindow string yes
FilterExecutionWindow string yes
IsShowIeDownloadButton boolean yes
IsDeleteSchedulesUponReportDeletion boolean yes
AllowMultipleSessions boolean yes
AllowMD5OnFIPS boolean yes
WriteBOMToCSV v2019.1.1+ boolean yes
IsShowScheduleNoEndDate boolean yes
IsShowScheduleIntradayRecurrence boolean yes
TempUrl string yes
UserPreferenceStorage integer yes
UserStartupReportOverwriteGettingStarted boolean yes
UserStartupReportMaxNum integer yes


  1. 2003
  2. 2007
  3. 2010
  4. 2013
  5. 2016
AllowDependantFilters boolean yes
LinkedReportsInNewTab boolean yes
LoadImageFuncParamPrefix string yes
LanguageFile string yes
IsShowHelp boolean yes
CustomHelpSource string yes
IsEmailScheduledReports boolean yes
IsEnableBatchReports boolean yes
IsShowScheduleDeliveryTypeOptions boolean yes
IsUseSecureRemotingChannel boolean yes
IsShowTemplateUploadButton boolean yes
UseSVGForAppIcons boolean yes
CrossTabMaximumFields boolean yes
IsShowExportsInTab boolean yes


  1. auto
  2. show always
  3. hide always
IsEnableScheduling boolean yes
IsShowFilterDescription boolean yes


  1. standard
  2. operator
  3. simple
  4. custom
IsChangeableFilterExecutionWindow boolean yes
IgnoreInaccessibleReportFolders boolean yes


  1. datasource
  2. metadata



Set to 0 to use the ClientTimeZoneName. If null, Exago will use the External Interface (a deprecated extensibility feature) to calculate the time zone change.

ClientTimeZoneName string yes
IsShowEnhancedTooltips boolean yes
IsShowReportUploadDownloadOptions boolean yes
AllowInteractiveHtml boolean yes
AllowHtmlInScheduledEmails boolean yes
DefaultIsDockOpen boolean yes


  1. left
  2. right
CssTheme string yes
AllowExecuteSaveToDesign boolean yes
UserAllowUserReports boolean yes
MaxNumberOfChartPoints integer yes
DefaultFont string yes
DefaultFontSize integer yes
DefaultChartFont string yes
IsWebFarmSupport boolean yes
IsSilentDashboardRefresh boolean yes
MaxJobExecutionMinutes integer yes
ChainedReportMaxCollationExecutions v2021.1.8+ integer yes
IsAggregateAndGroupInDatabase boolean yes
IsEvaluateFormulasInDatabase boolean yes
IsShowBrowserOutOfDateWarning boolean yes
AreDateFunctionsLoaded boolean yes
VersionNumber string no
DbRowLimitParamName v2018.1 string yes
DbRowRangeStartParamNamev2018.1+ string yes
DbRowRangeEndParamName v2018.1+ string yes
ExpressviewJoinAlgorithm v2018.1+


“Standard” or “Legacy”

ExcludeDataSourcesReportCustomSQL v2018.1+ boolean yes
LoadAssemblyInExternalDomain v2018.1+ boolean yes
ShowTipsExpressView v2018.2+) boolean yes
ShowTutorialExpressView v2018.2+ boolean yes
IsShowSQLWindow v2019.1+ boolean yes
SqlGenerationLevel v2020.1+ integer yes

Table B


  "General": {
    "ReportPath": "C:ExagoReports",
    "AllowHomeDirect": true,
    "AllowHtmlOutput": true,
    "AllowExcelOutput": true,
    "AllowPdfOutput": true,
    "AllowRtfOutput": true,
    "AllowCsvOutput": true,
    "DefaultOutputType": 2,
    "IsWriteLog": true,
    "CustomCode": "",
    "LicenseKey": "", 
    "DateFormat": "",
    "TimeFormat": "",
    "DateTimeFormat": "",
    "DateTimeTreatedAs": 0,
    "IsReadFilterValues": true,
    "DbTimeout": 600,
    "DbRowLimit": 0,
    "DbRowLimitStepSize": 1000,
    "VisualizationDbRowLimit": 0,
    "CallTypeParamName": "",
    "ColumnParamName": "",
    "FilterParamName": "",
    "FullFilterParamName": "",
    "SortParamName": "",
    "DataCategoryParamName": "",
    "ObjectIdParamName": "",
    "IsShowGrid": true,
    "ActiveRoleId": "",
    "IsDebugging": false,
    "IsShowPdfTemplate": true,
    "IsDashboardPromptAtExecution": false,
    "IsDashboardShowUrlItemButton": false,
    "IsVisualizationShowKeyword": false,
    "IsShowChartWizard": true,
    "IsShowMapWizard": false,
    "IsShowGoogleMapWizard": false,
    "IsShowGaugeWizard": true,
    "IsSaveOnExecute": true,
    "IsSaveOnFinish": true,
    "IsEnableRightClickMenus": true,
    "IsEnableReportsTreeDragAndDrop": true,
    "IsShowLinkReport": true,
    "IsShowLinkReportFields": true,
    "IsShowLinkReportFormula": false,
    "IsShowLinkAction": false,
    "IsShowInsertImage": true,
    "ExpirationDateStr": "",
    "IsHtmlPaging": true,
    "WindowHeight": 0,
    "WindowWidth": 0,
    "SeparatorSymbol": ",",
    "CurrencySymbol": "$",
    "DecimalSymbol": ".",
    "IsDataMapping": false,
    "IsShowJoinFields": true,
    "IsDetectJoinedObjects": true,
    "IsEnableSpecialCartesianProcessing": true,
    "IsIncludeNotFilterNullValues": false,
    "TempPath": "",
    "TempCloudService": "",
    "DataCloudService": "",
    "IsShowScheduleReports": false,
    "IsShowScheduleReportsManager": false,
    "ScheduleManagerViewLevel": 0,
    "IsShowScheduleReportsEmail": false,
    "ScheduleRemotingHost": "",
    "SynchronousRemotingHost": "",
    "SchedulerQueueService": "",
    "ReportScheduleEmailSubject": "",
    "ReportScheduleEmailBody": "",
    "IsRenewSession": true,
    "PasswordRequirement": "",
    "IsExecuteRemotely": false,
    "IsAccessDataSourcesRemotely": false,
    "MaxTempFileAge": 1440,
    "AllowExecuteNewFilters": true,
    "ExternalInterface": "",
    "DecimalPlaces": -1,
    "CurrencyDecimalPlaces": -1,
    "ApplyGeneralFormatDecimalPlaces": false,
    "ApplyGeneralCurrencyRightAlignment": true,
    "ChartColors": "#e85d61, #e5d08f, #00d995",
    "GeochartMapKey": "",
    "MapColors": "Lightblue,Navy",
    "GoogleMapKey": "",
    "GoogleMapColors": "Lightblue,Navy",
    "GaugeColors": "#e85d61, #e5d08f, #00d995",
    "IsShowGroupFilters": true,
    "IsShowJoinsWindow": true,
    "IsShowAdvancedJoins": true,
    "IsShowEventsWindow": false,
    "IsShowReportParametersWindow": true,
    "IsShowCrosstabReports": true,
    "IsShowDashboardReports": true,
    "IsShowChainedReports": true,
    "IsAllowExpressViewLiveEdit": false,
    "IsShowExpressViews": true,
    "IsShowDashboardNewVisualizationButton": true,
    "IsShowDashboardDataFieldsSearch": false,
    "IsShowExpressViewDataFieldsSearch": true,
    "IsUseSampleDataForDashboardVisualizationDesign": true,
    "IsShowDashboardExistingVisualizationReportButton": false,
    "IsDashboardPromptKeywordByDefault": false,
    "IsShowExpressReports": true,
    "IsShowExpressReportsGrouping": true,
    "IsShowExpressReportsFormulaButton": true,
    "IsShowExpressReportsStylingToolbar": true,
    "IsShowExpressReportsThemes": true,
    "IsShowAdvancedReports": true,
    "IsShowGroupHeadersFormulaButton": false,
    "IsOneCategoryLimit": false,
    "IsCacheServices": true,
    "SchedulerRecipientWindow": "",
    "FilterExecutionWindow": "",
    "IsShowIeDownloadButton": false,
    "IsDeleteSchedulesUponReportDeletion": false,
    "AllowMultipleSessions": true,
    "AllowMD5OnFIPS": false,
    "WriteBOMToCSV": false,
    "IsShowScheduleNoEndDate": true,
    "IsShowScheduleIntradayRecurrence": true,
    "TempUrl": "",
    "UserPreferenceStorage": 0,
    "UserStartupReportOverwriteGettingStarted": false,
    "UserStartupReportMaxNum": 1,
    "ExcelExportTarget": 1,
    "AllowDependantFilters": false,
    "LinkedReportsInNewTab": false,
    "LoadImageFuncParamPrefix": "",
    "LanguageFile": "en-us,en-us-getting-started,en-us-tooltips",
    "IsShowHelp": true,
    "CustomHelpSource": "",
    "IsEmailScheduledReports": true,
    "IsEnableBatchReports": false,
    "IsShowScheduleDeliveryTypeOptions": false,
    "IsUseSecureRemotingChannel": false,
    "IsShowTemplateUploadButton": false,
    "UseSVGForAppIcons": true,
    "CrossTabMaximumFields": 5,
    "IsShowExportsInTab": true,
    "IsShowHtmlToolbar": 0,
    "IsEnableScheduling": true,
    "IsShowFilterDescription": false,
    "DefaultFilterExecutionWindow": 0,
    "IsChangeableFilterExecutionWindow": true,
    "IgnoreInaccessibleReportFolders": false,
    "SchemaAccessType": 1,
    "ServerTimeZoneOffset": 0,
    "ClientTimeZoneName": "America/New_York",
    "IsShowEnhancedTooltips": true,
    "IsShowReportUploadDownloadOptions": false,
    "AllowInteractiveHtml": true,
    "AllowHtmlInScheduledEmails": false,
    "DefaultIsDockOpen": false,
    "DockPlacement": 0,
    "CssTheme": "Basic",
    "AllowExecuteSaveToDesign": true,
    "UserAllowUserReports": true,
    "MaxNumberOfChartPoints": 300,
    "DefaultFont": "Arial",
    "DefaultFontSize": 8,
    "DefaultChartFont": "Arial",
    "IsWebFarmSupport": false,
    "IsSilentDashboardRefresh": false,
    "MaxJobExecutionMinutes": 240,
    "IsAggregateAndGroupInDatabase": false,
    "IsEvaluateFormulasInDatabase": true,
    "IsShowBrowserOutOfDateWarning": true,
    "AreDateFunctionsLoaded": true,
    "VersionNumber": "2016.3.4.100"
  "DateFormat": "",
  "TimeFormat": "",
  "DateTimeFormat": "",
  "SeparatorSymbol": ",",
  "CurrencySymbol": "$",
  "DecimalSymbol": ".",
  "ShowGrid": true,
  "ShowCrossTabReports": true,
  "ShowExpressReports": true,
  "ShowExpressReportsGrouping": true,
  "ShowExpressReportsFormulas": true,
  "ShowExpressReportsStyling": true,
  "ShowExpressReportsThemes": true,
  "ShowAdvancedReports": true,
  "ShowScheduleReports": false,
  "ShowScheduleReportsManager": false,
  "ShowScheduleReportsEmail": false,
  "ReadFilterValues": true,
  "ShowTabs": true,
  "WebReportsBaseUrl": null,
  "DefaultFolderName": "",
  "DefaultReportName": ""


All requests require a Session ID URL parameter and basic request headers. In the following document, headers are omitted in the interest of brevity.

Show All Settings

.Show the available settings for the current configuration.
GET /rest/Settings

Using curl

curl http://{webservice}/rest/Settings?sid={sid} -X GET

Example response

Status: 200 OK

  "General": {
    "ReportPath": "C:ExagoReports",
  "DateFormat":                 "MM/dd/yyyy",
  "TimeFormat":                 "hh:mm:ss a",
  "DateTimeFormat":             "MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a",
  "SeparatorSymbol":            ",",
  "CurrencySymbol":             "$",
  "ShowGrid":                   true,
  "ShowCrossTabReports":        true,
  "ShowExpressReports":         true,

Edit Settings

PATCH /rest/Settings
Only supply the properties to be edited

Using curl

curl http://{webservice}/rest/settings?sid={sid} -X PATCH ^
	-d "{

Example response

Status: 204 No Content
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