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The following options are inaccessible from the Admin Console, but may be toggled on or off or otherwise modified by editing the field in the XML configuration file.

  • <errorondbrowlimitexceeded> v2021.1.16+ — When True, if the Admin Console > General > Database Settings > Database Row Limit is exceeded for a given report execution, the execution halts and a message is displayed to the user indicating that the report tried to pull in too much data. If the execution is the result of a scheduled report, the schedule abends and an error email is sent to the administrator. .NET API Key: ErrorOnDbRowLimitExceeded
  • <convertjsonextracttosql> v2021.2+ — Set to True to enable all use of the JSONExtract function to be translated to SQL and pushed off to the applicable Data Source. When False, which is the default, JSONExtract will be always be done in-memory. Implementation of the JSONExtract function across Data Source types varies quite widely. Test this function in SQL mode (with value set to True) in a development or testing environment before enabling on a production server to insure compatibility and expected return results. For a list of supported JSONPath expressions and Data Source types, review the JSONExtract Function article.
  • <UseExternalTimeZoneConverter> v2021.2+ — Set to True to enable the External Interface (a deprecated extensibility feature) to do time zone conversions. This behavior was previously enabled by setting the Server Time Zone Offset to null, which is no longer an acceptable value. The default value for this setting is False, so time zone conversions are handled internally with the Time Zone Name configuration file setting.
  • <general><maxexportfilesizebytes></general> v2021.1.17+ — The maximum number of bytes that an export file may grow to before report execution is cancelled. 0 disables the limit, or any valid integer value greater than 0 cancels report execution and displays an error message to the user if the output file becomes larger than this number of bytes. .NET API Key: MaxExportFileSizeBytes
  • <allowhtmlinscheduledemails> — Set to True to allow users to insert HTML tags within the body of scheduled emails.
  • <filterdropdownobjecttenancy> — Set to False to disable tenanting on filter and parameter dropdown objects. If this is disabled and a tenant column limits the dataset for a data object, then a filter or parameter dropdown list within a report will show the full dataset for the data object rather than its intended limited subset.


    A tenant column limits the dataset of an Employees data object so that only data for an employee with the last name “King” appears. A report that uses this data object will only output data associated with King. If <filterdropdownobjecttenancy> is True (default), then a filter on Employees.LastName added to this report will only allow King to be selected. However, if it is set to False, the filter on Employees.LastName will allow all employee last names to be selected even though only data for King will appear.

  • <showbrowseroutofdatewarning> v2016.3.4+ — Set to False to prevent a popup error message from appearing if a user accesses Exago with an unsupported browser.
  • <webfarmsupport> — If not using sticky sessions in a web farm environment, should be True. More temp information will be written to disk when True allowing other nodes in the farm to read it. Should be False if sticky sessions is configured or when Exago runs in a single node to stop unnecessary costly disk writes and keep information in memory instead.
  • <expressviewdefaultformattheme>v2017.1+ Select a default ExpressView theme. Provide the name of the file in theThemes directory or the name of the theme as it appears in the content table of the Storage Management database.
  • <aliasallentities>v2017.2+ Set to True to always use the Exago data object ID as table aliases in application generated SQL, rather then auto-generated aliases.
  • <allowearlypagebreak>v2017.3+ Set to True to allow users to insert a page break at the beginning of a report, which would cause the first page to be empty.
  • <canjointransformobjectsindb>v2018.1+ Set to False to cause vertical table transformations to be processed in the application instead of in the database. This prevents the use of advanced joins with vertical tables.
  • <general><sqlgenerationlevel></general>v2020.1+ Set the level of in-database formula grouping used by Exago. This value should be1 unless otherwise directed by Exago Support. .NET API Key: sqlgenerationlevel
  • <performancetesting>v2018.2+ Set to True to set Ctrl+Alt+A to allow for running a report a specified number of times simultaneously for performance testing. Must be run from the report designer for the desired report.
  • <reportlistcache>v2018.2–v2020.1.0 Set to False to opt out of caching in the GetReportList method when using a Folder Management assembly.
  • <webrequestkeepalive>v2018.2+ Set to True to allow the use of a single TCP connection to send and receive multiple HTTP requests. If set to False, a new TCP connection will be opened for every HTTP request. This flag only applies to Google Maps widgets.
  • <webrequestprotocolversion>v2018.2+ Defaults to “1.1”, allowing the definition of 24 status codes as well as other advancements made present in HTTP protocol version 1.1. This flag only applies to Google Maps widgets.
  • <showexpressreports>v2019.2+ Set to True to enable the Express Report Wizard.
  • <role><showexpressreportsstylingtoolbar></role>v2019.2+ Set to True to display styling tools in the Layout tab of the Express Report Wizard for a role, or False to hide them.
  • <role><showexpressreportsthemes></role>v2019.2+ Set to True to display the Theme drop-down in the Layout tab of the Express Report Wizard for a role or False to hide it.
  • <role><showexpressreportsgrouping></role>v2019.2+ Set to True to show grouping tools in the Layout tab of the Express Report Wizard for a role or False to hide it.
  • <role><showexpressreportsformulabutton></role>v2019.2+ Set to True to show the Formula Editor button in the Layout tab of the Express Report Wizard for a role or False to hide it.

Any fields which are not mentioned here are either not intended for external use or not fully implemented and should be ignored.

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