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Self-Service Reporting

Powerful Reporting for All

Give your users direct control of their data with a BI reoprting suite that caters to every skill level.

ExpressView Designer

To make reporting more accessible to the masses, we offer the ExpressView designer, a sleek, straightforward report-building tool that enables even the least technical users to explore their data and build, format, and export reports with ease.

Ad Hoc

Create customized reports from scratch in a drag-and drop user interface.


Explore pre-built
reports through
interactive controls or
duplicate and edit.


Merge filtered data into Word, PDF, or Excel forms with templates.


Blend data from
disparate sources
using live data,
cached data, or a


Choose a recurrence,
a report output file
type, and a distro list,
then set it and forget

bi reporting - creating a formula in the Advanced Report designer

Advanced Report Designer

The comprehensive Advanced Report designer gives more data-savvy users the power to build exactly what they need – down to the pixel – in a familiar grid interface.

Through the Advanced Report Designer, users can define formulas, conditional formatting, drilldowns, CrosstTabs, inter- report linking, custom SQL objects, and much more.