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Managing the dbconfigs.json File

The dbconfigs.json file contains database specific syntax related to formulas, data types, primary and foreign key discovery, datetime casting, and row limiting and range selection. This file is loaded by Exago during runtime and is required in order to provide database specific optimizations or to enable various advanced features.


This article references <WebApp> and  <Sched> as a placeholder for the application’s install location and the Scheduler Service’s install location, respectively.

This file is located in:

  • <WebApp>\Config\Other
  • <Sched>\bin\Config\Other of each Scheduler Service

These files must be kept consistent and any modifications made to the file directly should be duplicated in all other copies.

Properties and Usage

Most of the component properties and usage of the dbconfigs.json file are documented in the respective relevant section of the support site:

Overriding dbconfigs Information

The base dbconfigs.json file is overwritten automatically by the Exago installer in order to provide the most up to date set of features. Any modifications made to the base copy of dbconfigs.json will be overwritten upon each new installation of Exago.

In order to customize this data and ensure that all changes persist between upgrades, a <WebApp>ConfigOtherdbconfigs.overrides.json file can be created and populated with the specific changes as of v2019.1.2+. The format of these changes must follow the same schema as the base file.


A copy of the dbconfigs.overrides.json file should also be added to the <Sched>binConfigOther directory of each Scheduler Service.


The following modifications added to the dbconfigs.overrides.json will persist throughout each new Exago install.

1. Modify the MSSQL ‘false’ formula to use 1 != 1 instead of 1 = 0:

 "mssql": {
  "FormulaDictionary" : {
   "false" : [ "1 != 1" ]

2. Add specific DateTime format to Oracle databases:

 "oracle": {
  "DateFormat" : "YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss"

3. Allow quotation marks in the schema name for PostgreSQL databases (requires v2021.1.8+):

 "postgres": {
  "UseDelimitersOnSchema" : true

Removing Properties from dbconfigs.json

If it is necessary to remove information from dbconfigs.json, it must be done directly within the base file.


Properties that are removed directly from the dbconfigs.json file may be readded after each new Exago install. To prevent modifications to the base dbconfigs.json from being overwritten after each install, backup this file prior to installation.

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