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REST Updates

This article logs changes made in the REST Web Service API.



  • The new /rest/SchedulesV2/ endpoints replace the /rest/Schedules/ endpoints.


  • Reports may now be loaded with their ID in lieu of their report path.
    • The Id property of the Report JSON object in /rest/Sessions/ is now writable so that a report can be called by its ID
  • The following properties were added to the Node JSON object in /rest/Reports/List:
    • content_id
    • content_type
    • report_type
    • access_flags


  • The new /rest/SchedulesV2/ endpoints replace the /rest/Schedules/ endpoints.


  • New /rest/StorageMgmt endpoint added for the configuration of Storage Management settings and identity keys.


  • The new /rest/SchedulesV2/ endpoints replace the /rest/Schedules/ endpoints.


  • New /rest/Schedules endpoints added.


  • POST method added to /rest/Entities/{Id}/Fields/{Field Id}
  • SchemaAccessType property added to the Entities object.
  • The following properties were added to /Entities/{Id}/Fields:
    • Value
    • Description
    • ColumnSource
    • SortAndGroupBy
  • The IsFilterable property was renamed Filterable in /Entities/{Id}/Fields.


  • Added Batch endpoint.


  • AllowReportCustomSQLObjects property added to /rest/Roles/Settings endpoint.
  • The following properties were added to the /rest/Settings endpoint:
    • DbRowLimitParamName
    • DbRowRangeStartParamName
    • DbRowRangeEndParamName
    • ExpressviewJoinAlgorithm
    • ExcludeDataSourcesReportCustomSQL
    • LoadAssemblyInExternalDomain


  • The MinArgs and MaxArgs properties of Functions endpoints were deprecated, and are no longer readable or writeable.
  • Data Field resource can now specify whether fields support only static or only dynamic filters.


  • Parameters property added to Entities endpoint.


  • IsShowAdvancedReports property added to Settings endpoint. This is the same as IsShowStandardReports.


  • New API Action types added to Sessions endpoint: ScheduleReport, ScheduledReportsManager, NewExpressView.
  • Report Load Errors property added to ReportSettings object of Sessions endpoint.
  • More config settings now available through Settings endpoint.
  • Direct execution of reports via Reports/Execute endpoint now supports Pdf, Rtf and Excel for all reports, and JSON for Standard and Express reports.


  • Added the ability to add and modify filters on the active report.
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