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Customization & Extensibility

Create a Branded Experience

A completely white-labeled solution, Exago BI blends in seamlessly with your application. Leverage customization, localization, and extensibility features to give each customer (or user!) a tailored experience.


Feature Exposure

Choose who may access which tools in order to achieve an optimal user experience and retain full control over feature monetization.

Placement & Interaction

Decide where and how users engage with Exago BI. Embed a dozen charts on a single page, or reveal an entire report designer at the click of a button. You design the workflow.

Text & Styling

Change Exago BI’s CSS, icons, chart themes, and text to match your brand’s colors, graphics, voice, and tone.


Accommodate international users with localized language, currency, and time zone settings. Translate the full user interface, including report output.


Exago BI’s numerous code extension points allow you to provide new or niche functionality without waiting for a global software update. Talk to a specialist to see if your use case is a fit for extensibility.

Action Events

Dictate how the UI responds when users perform a particular action, such opening or saving a report.

Server Events

Change what happens when the application executes a particular process, such as combining data or retrieving user preferences.

Custom Functions

Do your customers need an analytical function not offered out of the box? Design one customized to their use case, and make it available in the formula editor with the others.

Custom Function Case Studies

Custom Functions - Long Calculator Tape

Formatting Large Numbers

Custom functions and other extensibility features are routinely underrated in the BI software world. 

Entry for translate in dual language dictionary

Translating BI Reports

Do you ever wish you could just code your way past a software limitation instead of waiting weeks, months, or indefinitely for the provider to address your problem?