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Application Themes

An Application Theme is a set of custom styles and images which change the overall look and feel of the application. Admins can Create and Customize their own theme with relative ease.

The Filters dialog of the Advanced Report Designer in the Basic blue theme
The Filters dialog of the Advanced Report Designer with the built-in Basic Application Theme
The same dialog with a custom Application Theme using a chocolatey brown (#744400) as the main color

Set Application Theme with an API

Application Themes are set on a per-application basis in the Admin Console or XML configuration file. However, when entering through the API, an admin can check the incoming identity parameters and switch the theme dynamically. In the example below, the Application Theme is switched by the value of the @CompanyId@ system parameter.

  case "AMA Electronics and Shipping":
    myApi.SetupData.General.CssTheme = "AMA Theme";
  case "GLA Analytics":
    myApi.SetupData.General.CssTheme = "GLA Theme";
    myApi.SetupData.General.CssTheme = "Basic";

Similar behavior can be replicated with the GET /rest/parameters/{Id} and PATCH /rest/settings REST Web Service API endpoints.


This article references <WebApp>/, as a placeholder for the Web Application’s install location respectively. The default install location is C:Program FilesExagoExagoWeb on Windows or /opt/Exago/ on Linux; however, these directories can be changed during installation.

Application Themes are stored in the <WebApp>/ApplicationThemes directory.

Customizing Application Themes

The included Basic application theme is overwritten when upgrading Exago. Therefore, we recommend creating a new theme folder so your changes are not lost.

There are three methods to create a custom Exago Application Theme. Review the Getting Started with Application Themes article for step-by-step instructions on creating custom application themes with these methods:

  1. For versions pre-v2020.1.3, automatically with the Application Theme Maker, available for download on the Downloads page
  2. For versions v2020.1.3+, automatically with the application theme maker built into the Admin Console
  3. Manually by manipulating the files in the file system
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