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JavaScript API: Report and Dashboard Execution Timing

As of v2019.1.3+, Exago BI exposes a JavaScript API that may be invoked in the browser to execute reports and dashboards and retrieve information about how long they take to run. This makes it easier to do benchmarking, especially for dashboard executions where a test would need to wait until the last tile is finished loading.


All report types and execution formats are supported in this API.

wrWebReportsCtrl.ExecuteReport now returns a Promise that resolves with the class that controls the given execution (one of wrChainedExecuteClass, wrDashboardDesignCtrl, wrExecuteClass, wrExpressViewDesignCtrl). Each of these classes exposes the Timing property, which is a Promise that resolves when execution timing information has finished being collected for the given execution.

const executor = await wrWebReportsCtrl.ExecuteReport("Reports\Report", "html");
await executor.Timing; // Evaluates to { load: 5243 }

The Timing property resolves with an object describing timing information about the report or dashboard execution:

  load: 5243

Returns the time (in milliseconds) it took for the report or last dashboard tile to finish loading.

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