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User Preferences and Context Sensitive Help

User Preferences


The User Preferences are an optional feature. Check with the system administrator for more information.


Click the User Preferences icon to open the User Preferences dialog. The dialog consists of tabs:


Disable or enable ExpressView Tutorials and Hints in the User Preferences menu.

  • The tutorial guides you through the creation process for ExpressView through a series of popup windows. You are given the option to skip the tutorial when it begins, as well as the option to disable the tutorial in the future when it is complete.
  • When hints are enabled, a hint will display after you take certain actions. Once you have seen a hint it will not display again unless hints are reset. 
  • Reset All Hints within the User Preferences menu to view all hints again.

Startup Reports

Startup Reports are reports that will run in their own tabs each time a user starts a session. The system administrator can limit the number of startup reports allowed.

  • To add a startup report, use the Report Tree panel in the dialog on the left to either:
    • Drag-and-drop it to the Report Name panel on the right
    • Click a report name and then click the Add.png Add button
    • Double-click a report name
  • To reorder the reports use the Move Item Up MoveGridRowUp.png and Move Item Down MoveGridRowDown.png icons.
  • To remove a startup report, click the Delete image003.png icon on the corresponding line. This only stops the report from loading on startup, it does not remove the report from the application.

User Reports

User Reports are customizations made by a user to an existing report. Customizations may include formatting, sorts and filter values chosen in the Report Viewer. This is an optional feature, and requires that the system administrator has enabled it.

This tab will show a list of user reports saved for the current user.. To remove a User Report, click the Delete image003.png icon on the corresponding line.

This only stops the report from loading with customization, it does not remove the report from the application.

To create a user report, execute the report into the Report Viewer, make changes and then save them using the Report Viewer’s toolbar. For more information, review the Report Viewer article.

Context Sensitive Help

Context sensitive help is available at any point in the application. Click the Help Help.png icon to open documentation in a new tab.

The guide will automatically open to the feature you are using.


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