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Data Objects

Data Objects are the tables, views, methods, stored procedures, functions and custom SQL made accessible from the Data Sources for reports. This article applies to the Admin Console > Data > Objects settings.

Data Sources

Data Sources establish the connection between Exago and a database or a web service. Although typically only one database is used, Exago can join data from different sources into a single report.

Database Settings

The Database Settings allow administrators to adjust how Exago interfaces with its Data Sources. Additional type-specific settings allow you to specify which driver to utilize when connecting to each data source.

Join Configuration

Joins specify to Exago the relationship between Data Objects. This article applies to the Admin Console > Data > Joins settings, where joins are defined at the base-configuration level.

Multiple Data Models

In some cases the same Data Objects may need to be joined together differently. To accomplish this, Data Objects and Joins can be placed into Categories/Folders to create multiple data models. When an end user selects a Data Object from a Category/Folder it indicates which joins to use. The ...

CData Drivers

As of v2018.2, additional database connection types are available using ADO.NET drivers provided by CData Software Inc., in partnership with Exago Inc., to connect to database types not natively included in the application. Exago BI now officially supports the following database types ...