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Dashboard Viewer (v2019.2+)

When a Dashboard is run, it is displayed in a new tab called the Dashboard Viewer. Reports, Visualizations and other Dashboard content appear in rectangular Tiles on the Canvas. Reports, Visualizations and Filter tiles are interactive, as are any embedded web pages. The tiles can be set to refresh periodically, or can be refreshed manually.

Dashboard Designer: Existing Report Tiles (v2019.2+)

Existing ExpressViews, Advanced Reports, or CrossTab Reports can be added to a Dashboard. Existing filters and parameters can be accessed and modified from the Dashboard Designer. Reports on Dashboards have most of the same interactivity as in the Report Viewer, with the exception of the interactive sorts/filters dock.

Dashboard Designer: Filters (v2019.2+)

The Filters menu in the Dashboard Designer toolbar is where filters are created, modified or removed, and imported prompting report filters can be modified. Use the Filters menu to add interactive filter tiles to the Dashboard Canvas.

Dashboard Designer: Image Tiles (v2019.2+)

An image file can be added to the Dashboard in an Image tile. Most image files supported by a modern web browser (e.g. JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, ICO, BMP, WEBP, etc...) can be displayed in an Image tile.

Dashboard Designer: Parameters (v2019.2+)

When a report containing one or more parameters is added to a Dashboard existing report tile, those parameters are imported to the Parameters menu.

Dashboard Designer: Samples (v2019.2+)

The Dashboard Designer is a powerful tool for laying out Dashboards with tremendous flexibility. For inspiration, a few sample Dashboards created by users of the Dashboard Designer are shown here.

Dashboard Designer: Text Tiles (v2019.2+)

A textbox can be added to the Dashboard as a Text tile. Text tiles can be used for displaying static text, such as a header or section label. Creative use of the tile border properties can yield tile groups.

Dashboard Designer: URL Tiles (v2019.2+)

Web pages can be added to the Dashboard and interacted with in a URL tile.

Dashboard Designer: Visualization Tiles (v2019.2+)

A visualization is a graphical representation of data that can be designed directly on the Dashboard canvas without first creating a report.

Dashboard Designer (v2019.2+)

Dashboards are a way to combine several related reports into one unified viewing space. Existing reports can be added to a Dashboard, and new Visualizations can be created directly on the Dashboard itself. Images, text, other web sites, and interactive filters can also be added.

Exporting Dashboards (v2019.2+)

Dashboards can be exported, scheduled and e-mailed as chained reports or as a snapshot with a likeness of the Dashboard as it appears on screen in a single page PDF.