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Report Viewer

This document covers several versions of the application. Use the Viewing content for dropdown to see only the content relevant to a specific application version.Executing an Advanced Report or CrossTab Report presents the data output in a paged, interactive format called the Report Viewer. ...

Advanced Reports: Templates

An Advanced Report can be used to dynamically fill out fields in forms and other documents, called templates.. Placeholders in the template are dynamically linked to fields in the report. When executed, the form or document is merged with the report data.


Filters narrow the scope of reports by restricting the data by specified criteria. For example, imagine a data object containing a row with every sale a company ever made. A filter can limit the report to only sales from the past month. This also has the benefit of speeding up report ...

Linked Reports (Drilldowns)

Linked Reports are reports linked from cells or charts as a means of exploring data points by "drilling down" into their background data.

Advanced Options

The Report Designer's Advanced Options enable features such as report-level join configuration, Server Events, report-level parameters and the Show SQL dialog.

Building Your First Report

There are two report types well suited for building your first report: ExpressView and Advanced Reports. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to create a simple ExpressView and Advanced Report for beginners.