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User Support Labs

User Support Lab – Using ExpressView as a Data Discovery and Troubleshooting Tool

On this Support Lab Nick explains how to use ExpressView as a data discovery tool that can help troubleshoot Advanced Reports. He walks through examples of breaking down formulas into pieces to check for syntax errors, as well as understanding if joins are the cause of incorrect report ...

User Support Lab – Report Scheduler

User Support Lab — Report Scheduler Topics discussed:Emailing reports or dashboards  Scheduling reports or dashboards to be emailed on a recurrence pattern Emailing personalized reports, filtered by userResourcesScheduling Reports Admin Support Lab - Scheduler Configuration

User Support Lab – Report/SQL Relationship

Nick delivers a lab geared towards giving report builders a better understanding of how their UI actions translate to the SQL that is sent to the database.Resources: Advanced Features

User Support Lab – Templates

Topics discussed:Using reports to fill out template forms Creating PDF and RTF templates Using repeating data in template fieldsResources:Templates

User Support Lab – Themes

Topics discussed:Styling Crosstabs and ExpressViews Saving styles as custom themesResources:Themes ExpressView: Customizing appearance Create a Custom ExpressView Theme

User Support Lab – Train the Trainer Advanced Reports

In another installation of our Train the Trainer Mini-Series, Emma discusses the points and phrasing we suggest using to best convey understanding of the Advanced Report Designer to your users.ResourcesAdvanced Reports Advanced Reports Basic Training

User Support Lab – Train the Trainer ExpressView

Emma walks through some high level tips for teaching first time users the ExpressView Designer. Part of our Train the Trainer Mini-Series.Resources:ExpressView ExpressView Support Lab Basic Training: ExpressView

User Support Lab – Train the Trainer

A lab designed to break the fourth wall and discuss preparation for training sesssions. Emma explains some of the understandings we at Exago establish before entering a targeted training session to bring the most value to our end users, and discusses how our clients might do the same.

User Support Lab – Interactive Reports

Topics discussed:Making interactive changes to reports Saving changes on a per-user basis Adding drilldowns and hyperlinks to reportsResources:Report Viewer: Interacting with Reports Report Viewer: Customizing Report Output Drilldowns Report Viewer Options Dashboard Viewer

User Support Lab – Joins for Report Writers

If you've ever wondered the following, this lab is for you!What is a join? What types of joins exist?  As an end user building reports, what benefit can understanding joins provide me? Finally, how can I use this understanding to configure joins on the report level?Travis will ...

User Support Lab – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

In this lab, Emma demonstrates how to build several Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, with the Advanced Report Designer and display them on Dashboards.ResourcesAdvanced Reports Top N Filters Dashboards

User Support Lab – Linked Reports a.k.a Drilldowns

User Support Lab — Linked Reports a.k.a DrilldownsIn this support lab, Tim walks you through what linked reports are, how to create them and different ways of filtering.Topics discussed:Linking reports to make custom drilldowns Drilling down on charts and report cells Linking to ...

User Support Lab – Mapping

Topics discussed:Visualizing geographic data using dynamic mapping Drilling into different regions of dataResources:Google Maps Geocharts (Legacy Maps) Enabling the map wizard

User Support Lab – Multi-Series Charts

User Support Lab — Multi-Series ChartsIn this lab, Emma demonstrates how to decide the best chart type and data layout to display your multi-series charts, as well as additional configuration options to extend the chart display beyond default options.ResourcesCharts Chart Data Layout ...

User Support Lab – New Features v2018.2

Topics discussed:A quick look into two of the new features being added to v2018.2!Tutorial Mode in ExpressView  Conditional Drop Pin Colors, New Aggregation Options in Google Maps

User Support Lab – No Data Qualified

Topics discussed:Dealing with situations when reports return no dataResources:No Data Qualified Options IsNoDataQualified() function Conditional Row Suppression

User Support Lab – Crosstab Reports

User Support Lab — CrossTab ReportsTravis reviews the basics of CrossTab Reports, how to create them and how to use formulas to create pseudo-CrossTabs. He then explains when each option is appropriate.Resources: CrossTab Reports Admin Support Lab — Custom Columns and ...

User Support Lab – Repeating Data

Topics discussed:Why data values may be repeated on reports Suppressing duplicates on the cell level Suppressing duplicates on the category level Using repeating sections to group by duplicatesResources:Dealing with Duplicate Values Suppressing Duplicates (Categories) ...

User Support Lab – Dashboards v2019.2

User Support Lab — Dashboards v2019.2In this support lab, Tim walks you through the changes made to our Dashboard Designer and Dashboard Viewer tools in v2019.2 of Exago. He also builds a Dashboard with visualizations, existing reports and an interactive filter step-by-step.Resources...

User Support Lab – ExpressView

Topics discussed:Making ExpressViews Applying themes Filtering and grouping data Adding visualizationsResources:Exago ExpressView