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  • Custom Functions

    Administrators may create additional custom functions using high level coding languages which will be accessible to end-users of the Report Designer.
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  • Config File XML Reference (All Nodes but General)

    This reference guide describes the structure of the base configuration file (typically WebReports.xml), for all nodes outside of the node. Use this guide if you build or edit your config XML directly, without using the Admin Console.
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  • Database Settings

    The Database Settings allow administrators to adjust how Exago interfaces with its Data Sources. Additional type-specific settings allow you to specify which driver to utilize when connecting to each data source.
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  • ExpressView: Formula Columns (v2021.1+)

    In addition to using the data fields that are available in the Data Objects Pane, formulas may be added as custom formula columns. Formulas may contain data objects, parameters and functions. Just like standard columns, a formula column may be either a detail field or group, and may be included in visualizations, formatted, sorted and filtered.
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