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Webinar | Thurs, Sep 30th | 2 PM EST

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Get an interactive look at the most comprehensive embedded BI platform that SaaS companies want and end users love.

Empower your users. Sell more software.

Best Embedded BI for SaaS.

The most reliable embedded BI solution has a fresh new face

Version 21.1 streamlines reporting, bringing a new simplicity and convenience to user workflows. Technical or nontechnical, your users will be thanking you for it.

Self Service Reporting
Self-Service Reporting

Powerful, approachable ad hoc analytics for end users.

User Friendly Dashboards
User-Friendly Dashboards

Visualize data with drag-and-drop tools  no code required.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Can be made to look, feel and behave like your application.

Unparallelled Support
Unparalleled Support

Ensuring your success at every stage.

Trusted by leaders in SaaS and enterprise software.

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In just 30-minutes, discover how your end users can create their own ad hoc reports and interactive dashboards without help from IT.