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Flexible Embedding

Expose as much or as little of it as you like to your users.
Exago BI is 100% web-based and highly modular.

Embedded BI that looks and feels like your application.

You know your application and its users best, so we give you the ability to localize, customize, and extend Exago BI to match.

embedded bi - gradient blue green arrow going through magnifying glass
Make reporting a menu option, or weave it into your workflow.

Some like to tuck embedded BI into a navigation dropdown while others prefer it to spawn in line with existing tools. Exago BI’s open APIs make it easy to pick and choose which elements to embed where, when, and to whom.

Self Service Reporting
Change colors, icons, and text.

All of Exago BI’s styling, icons, tooltips, and text can be edited as you extend your brand’s style and nomenclature.

Self Service Reporting
Add your own code extensions.

Most areas of the application can be modified with custom code, and there’s already an extensive library of these add-ons to browse. Extensions are a quick and easy way to make changes to the embedded BI solution’s programming.

Self Service Reporting
Localize and internationalize cultural components.

Nearly everything can be adjusted to accommodate your international users, including language, time zone, currency, and number formatting.

Anyone can use it.

Your users need access to their data, period. Exago BI’s three types of self-service reports and dashboards accommodate users of all technical aptitudes.

Pre-made Reports - Blue Green Gradient Stack of Analytics Reports

Build these reports and dashboards ahead of time and add them to your users’ report libraries.


Allow users to adjust report and dashboard settings for more targeted results.

Ad Hoc

Give users the power to either add to existing reports and dashboards or build their own from scratch.

Its price doesn’t grow — you do.

Exago BI’s price tag isn’t tethered to any other scale-dependent variable. Flat pricing means you get to dedicate a smaller and smaller percentage of your revenue to the BI license as you grow, steadily ramping up your embedded analytics ROI over time.

It comes complete with exceptional support.

Your customers value immediacy and consistency when they contact you for technical assistance. As an extension of your team, we hold ourselves to the same standard of service.

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