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About Us


The average employee uses eight SaaS applications in their daily work, and that number is only expected to increase. Exago supports these SaaS providers and their users by making it easy for business professionals to access and manipulate their data, no matter their technical qualifications. Exago BI integrates seamlessly with web-based SaaS applications to bring ad hoc reporting and analytics to any multi-tenant environment. Our dedication to customizable integration allows us to prioritize usability without compromising on power.


Mike Brody and Stew Meyers founded Exago, Inc. with nothing but $100K and an idea.

As colleagues at Mike’s former company, CMS Trancentive, Mike and Stew had watched their teams struggle with self-service reporting applications. Even the simplest tasks would lead to wasted time, aggravation, and more work for IT. They believed they could build something better, and after Computershare bought Trancentive in 2001, they set out to do just that.

Fast forward to January of 2020, and the company has become a key player in the embedded business intelligence market, competing with household brands and serving SaaS providers all over the world. With over 70 employees and counting, Exago is helping to redefine the standards for BI usability and embedded BI integration.


The value most fundamental to our identity as a company is care.

We invite clients to join our advisory board because we care what they think. We only hire self-driven initiative-takers because they care about the work they do. We’re obsessed with quality assurance testing because we care about the software we put out into the world. We consistently outperform other BI companies in customer satisfaction because we care about whether our clients and their users flourish. We donated an instance of our product and over 100 development hours to local COVID-19 response efforts because we care about supporting our community.