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Storage Management

Storage Management Permissioning and Setup

This video explains how to set up Storage Management in a fresh Exago install.<< Configuring a Stored Procedure Pt 2 Previous VideoNext Video Roles >>Transcript Welcome back to the Exago Technical Training Series! In this video, we will demonstrate how to setup Storage Management ...

Storage Management

This article applies to the Admin Console > Storage Management settings.Assembly Location The path and filename of the DLL that implements the IStorageManagement interface. The default value is <WebApp>binWebReports.ContentDatabase.dll, which will use Exago's Storage Management ...

Storage Management Customization

Client Integration Manager Nick Cortina demonstrates how to download the code sample, write a custom Storage Management implementation and how to build a "Favorites" folder in to the Report Tree using the new Storage Management enhancement in v2020.1 of our product.

Storage Management Migration

Business Intelligence Consultant Emma Williams demonstrates the new Storage Management system built-in to v2020.1 of our application and how to migrate from a legacy storage mechanism to Storage Management.

Storage Management: Transitioning from Legacy Storage Methods

Exago's Storage Management system replaces the legacy file system, cloud storage, folder management and web service (SOAP) storage methods with a relational database. All reports, templates, folders and themes are stored in this database. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL ...

Storage Management: Utility (v2021.1+)

Exago provides the Storage Management Utility (SMU) to view and manage the content access records and permissions on content items at a low level. Based on .NET Core 3.1, it will run on supported versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. It is only available in English language. The SMU can be ...

Storage Management: Custom Implementation

Recommended Reading The following articles provide background on Exago's Storage Management system. It is highly recommended to review them before writing a custom implementation of Storage Management.Storage Management: Introduction Storage Management: Database ...

Storage Management: Database Schema

Exago's Storage Management implementation defines four tables: Content, Party Type, Content Access and StorageMeta.

Storage Management: Introduction

An introduction to the Storage Management system that stores all reports, templates, folders and themes are in a database. Introduced in v2020.1 of Exago. Content storage, schema, permissions, security, custom implementation and transitioning from a legacy content storage solution are covered among other topics.

Moving Files Between Storage Management Databases

Exago recommends using a three-environment development, quality assurance and production paradigm. In this structure, it is often desirable to maintain unique Storage Management databases for each environment. Use the ImportExportStorageMgmt command line utility, available in v2020.1.17+ ...