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Security Checklist

There are a number of precautions that should be taken before running Exago in a production environment.

Security Settings

A video discussion of security considerations when migrating to a production environment as well as locking down the environment against potential attack vectors

Transition from HTTP to HTTPS

Many times during the evaluation process, Exago may be setup to access resources over HTTP. As the evaluation progresses, or when transitioning from evaluation to production, it may be desirable to secure the connections between Exago and these resources. This article serves as a checklist of ...

Enable FIPS Compliant Encryption on Windows

Exago is compliant with FIPS Level 2 (140-2) which is the current active version of the standard. Before enabling FIPS, please be aware that you may lose access to certain websites which use SSL 1.0 via Internet Explorer.

HTML Tag Sanitization

By default, the Web Application and Scheduler Services scan and remove unsafe HTML tags from any user input. User input areas include report cells, report descriptions, filter fields, and so on. This is to protect the application from any potential script injection attacks. Removing unsafe ...