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Tracking Execution Frequency with Monitoring

Part of the Performance and Scaling series.Execution Caching is a great way to reduce excessive database calls. For frequently accessed reports, you can set up caching so that the data is queried on a schedule, and users will access the cached data in a much more performant manner than ...

Monitoring Scheduler Load

The Monitoring Service can be used to capture Scheduler Service load and performance data.

Monitoring: Setup

Monitoring that allows report management, execution, and performance statistics for the web application and schedulers to be tracked in v2017.1+. Monitoring data is stored in local SQLite database files and can be reported on using Exago.

Monitoring: System Overview

The Monitoring system is structured in the following manner: Structure of the monitoring system Web Application Database The Web Application database stores data for report and user interface events. The type of data tracked depends on your configuration. At the Extract interval, the ...