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Generic filters
Exact matches only

Sorting by Aggregates

To sort groups by the summary, or aggregate, calculation of each group of an Advanced Report, use Top/Bottom filters. Top/Bottom filters look for the highest or lowest values in a set, and then put those values in order. Any arbitrary cell in the report can be the Top/Bottom filter.

Dealing with Duplicate Values

If a report has unexpected duplicate values or empty rows, the cause is most likely that there is a one-to-many join to an object not being used.

Display Page Numbers

How to add page numbers to a report.

No Data Qualified Options

If the data source returns zero rows, the message below is automatically generated, and report execution will end. This condition is called No Data Qualified or NDQ. There are a number of ways to handle or prevent this situation: Enabling filter dependency can prevent improper filter ...

User Support Lab – No Data Qualified

Topics discussed: Dealing with situations when reports return no data Resources: No Data Qualified Options IsNoDataQualified() function Conditional Row Suppression