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Advanced Reports: Report Designer (v2021.1+)

The Report Designer is the main editor for Advanced and CrossTab Reports. A full suite of reporting and design tools with a spreadsheet-like interface is available.

Advanced Reports: Sections (v2021.1+)

The sections of an Advanced Report define its appearance and pattern. Specifically, sections determine how frequently cell contents are repeated.

Advanced Reports: Data Objects (v2021.1+)

A data object is a container for reportable information from a source of data. When creating a new Advanced Report, data objects will be added to the report with the Add Data Objects dialog, which will appears when launched for the first time.

Advanced Reports: Design Grid (v2021.1+)

The Design Grid is main interaction point of the Advanced Report Designer. Use the Design Grid to define the layout of the report by adding, altering and deleting rows, columns, and sections to it; and to define the content of the report by entering data fields, text, labels, formulas, images, charts, CrossTabs and maps to it.