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Admin Support Labs

Custom Filter Functions

Nick talks about some common use cases for custom filter functions and then explores how we might use them creatively to improve upon our user experience even more!ResourcesCustom Filter Functions

Storage Management Overview

Admin Support Lab — Storage Management OverviewOur Vice President of Client Experience Travis McGrath introduces the new Storage Management system built-in to v2020.1 of our application.ResourcesStorage Management: Introduction Storage Management: Database Schema Storage ...

Storage Management Permissioning

Admin Support Lab — Storage Management PermissioningVice President of Client Experience Travis McGrath introduces the permissioning model in the Storage Management feature introduced in v2020.1 of our application.Additional ResourcesStorage Management: Introduction Storage ...

Stored Procedures

Topics DiscussedBenefits and limitations to stored procedures Using programmable data object parametersResourcesData Objects - Stored Procedures Programmable Object Settings

Time Zone Handling

Travis gives a high-level explanation of TimeZones and the challenges they can cause within software generally, specifics to Exago and how enhancements to v2019.1 resolve these problems. He then details the action (or lack thereof) that should be taken to take advantage of this enhancement ...

Troubleshooting for Admins

Travis and guest star Support Analyst Liam explain some ways to troubleshoot on your own, and ultimately how to provide the best support ticket to help us help you!


A video demonstration on upgrading to the newest version of Exago BI

v2018.2 User Preferences

Travis explains some changes to User Preferences new to v2018.2 to be aware of when upgrading, in order to take advantage of some new features!

v2019.1 Configuration Changes

Travis McGrath explains new configuration options coming in v2019.1!

REST Web Service API Setup & Security

Professional Services Engineer Emma Cortina demonstrates configuring the REST Web Service API, how to create and configure a session and utilize the authorization header options.

v2019.1 Small Enhancements

Travis explains and shows a few of the smaller enhancements coming to v2019.1.


A video demonstration of when and how to use Roles in the Exago BI application.

Visual Integration and Localization

A video demonstration of application themes, customizing the Getting Started page, translating the user interface and setting data object metadata amongst other customization topics.

Scheduler Configuration

A video demonstration of the use cases for the Scheduler Service beyond scheduling and emailing.

Security Settings

A video discussion of security considerations when migrating to a production environment as well as locking down the environment against potential attack vectors

Server Events

A video demonstration of creating and debugging Server Events.

Share by Link

Nick Cortina walks through modifying a host application and extending folder management to allow sharing of reports via link.

Storage Management Customization

Client Integration Manager Nick Cortina demonstrates how to download the code sample, write a custom Storage Management implementation and how to build a "Favorites" folder in to the Report Tree using the new Storage Management enhancement in v2020.1 of our product.

Storage Management Migration

Business Intelligence Consultant Emma Williams demonstrates the new Storage Management system built-in to v2020.1 of our application and how to migrate from a legacy storage mechanism to Storage Management.

JavaScript API

A video demonstration of embedding Exago BI into host applications using the JavaScript API.