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Scheduler Settings

Reports can be emailed or scheduled for recurring automated delivery to an email address. The Scheduler Settings are used to configure these services.

User Settings

The User Settings give administrators choices about how to store and utilize users’ preferences, such as which Dashboards and/or Reports to execute when they enter Exago.

Culture Settings

The Culture Settings give administrators control over formats and symbols that vary amongst geographic location.

Database Settings

The Database Settings allow administrators to adjust how Exago interfaces with its Data Sources. Additional type-specific settings allow you to specify which driver to utilize when connecting to each data source.

Feature/UI Settings

The Feature/UI settings allow administrators to hide various features in the user interface.

Filter Settings

The Filter Settings provide control over what filter options are exposed to users and how the dropdowns within filters behave.

Main Settings

The main settings are the basic options for Exago, such as temporary file path and available report export file types. This article applies to the Admin Console > General > Main Settings.

Other Settings

Change the Other Settings for configuration items that do not fall into other categories. This article applies to the Admin Console > General > Other Settings.

Programmable Object Settings

The Programmable Object Settings enable you to specify names for parameters that will be passed from Exago to stored procedures, web services, or .NET Assemblies. Using these parameters can increase performance and reduce server resources when using these kinds of Data Objects.