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Setting up a State Server

We highly recommend using a state server to manage Exago sessions. Often, the cause of timeout problems is related to not properly managing session state. In a high availability implementation, a state server is required.

Transition from HTTP to HTTPS

Many times during the evaluation process, Exago may be setup to access resources over HTTP. As the evaluation progresses, or when transitioning from evaluation to production, it may be desirable to secure the connections between Exago and these resources. This article serves as a checklist of ...

Configuration Management and Propagation

As a highly-configurable environment, Exago consists of many components. This article will describe these components, where they are located, why they need to be part of the implementation strategy, and how they should be propagated from system to system.

Cross-Origin (CORS) Cheatsheet

This article serves as a "quick" version of the Cross-Origin Embedding of Exago article, to aid system administrators in determining how to correctly integrate Exago BI when hosted from a different origin than the application that embeds it.Definitions These terms will be used throughout this ...

Cross-Origin Embedding of Exago

When a user enters Exago BI, the application creates a session in order to preserve the user's working state and environment while they engage with it. The session information is stored on the web application server or state server (depending on the network configuration). Whenever requests ...

Deploying to Production

This guide describes the considerations you should take when deploying an Exago BI installation to a production environment. Suggested steps are listed in the order they should be taken. Best practices are recommended for each step. However, every environment is different, so recommendations ...

Enable FIPS Compliant Encryption on Windows

As of version 2016.3, Exago is FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) 140-2 compliant. FIPS is a United States and Canadian government standard which defines a minimum set of security requirements for cryptographic systems. This standard is designed for products to secure sensitive but ...

Modifying Configs in a Production Environment

testThe Exago configuration XML files are bases from which sessions draw most of their setup data, such as data objects, feature access, and tenancy. By default, sessions load configs in a Base Plus Diff manner: Setup data that is modified per-session via one of the server APIs (REST, .NET) is ...