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  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    This article lists all the available keyboard shortcuts in the Web Application User Interface and describes their behavior in their applicable contexts.
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  • Dashboard Viewer (v2019.2+)

    When a Dashboard is run, it is displayed in a new tab called the Dashboard Viewer. Reports, Visualizations and other Dashboard content appear in rectangular Tiles on the Canvas. Reports, Visualizations and Filter tiles are interactive, as are any embedded web pages. The tiles can be set to refresh periodically, or can be refreshed manually.
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  • Dashboard Designer (v2019.2+)

    Dashboards are a way to combine several related reports into one unified viewing space. Existing reports can be added to a Dashboard, and new Visualizations can be created directly on the Dashboard itself. Images, text, other web sites, and interactive filters can also be added.
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  • Filters

    Filters narrow the scope of reports by restricting the data by specified criteria.
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  • ExpressView: Introduction (v2021.1+)

    ExpressView is a report building tool that combines grouping, sorting, filtering, and summarizing data with a drag-and-drop interface. A chart can be added with a single click, and the entire report can be exported as PDF, RTF, CSV, or an Excel workbook.
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  • Advanced Reports: CrossTabs

    Use a CrossTab, or cross tabulation, for grouping and summarizing data fields that expands vertically and horizontally depending on the number of data groupings. CrossTabs are also known as two-way tables, contingency tables, or pivot tables.
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  • Advanced Reports: Design Grid (v2021.1+)

    The Design Grid is main interaction point of the Advanced Report Designer. Use the Design Grid to define the layout of the report by adding, altering and deleting rows, columns, and sections to it; and to define the content of the report by entering data fields, text, labels, formulas, images, charts, CrossTabs and maps to it.
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  • Building Your First Report

    There are two report types well suited for building your first report: ExpressView and Advanced Reports. This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide to create a simple ExpressView and Advanced Report for beginners.
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