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  • Scheduler Settings

    Reports can be emailed or scheduled for recurring automated delivery to an email address. The Scheduler Settings are used to configure these services.
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  • User Settings

    The User Settings give administrators choices about how to store and utilize users’ preferences, such as which Dashboards and/or Reports to execute when they enter Exago.
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  • Dashboard Viewer (v2019.2+)

    When a Dashboard is run, it is displayed in a new tab called the Dashboard Viewer. Reports, Visualizations and other Dashboard content appear in rectangular Tiles on the Canvas. Reports, Visualizations and Filter tiles are interactive, as are any embedded web pages. The tiles can be set to refresh periodically, or can be refreshed manually.
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  • Config File XML Reference (All Nodes but General)

    This reference guide describes the structure of the base configuration file (typically WebReports.xml), for all nodes outside of the node. Use this guide if you build or edit your config XML directly, without using the Admin Console.
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  • Data Objects

    Data Objects are the tables, views, methods, stored procedures, functions and custom SQL made accessible from the Data Sources for reports. This article applies to the Admin Console > Data > Objects settings.
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  • Data Sources

    Data Sources establish the connection between Exago and a database or a web service. Although typically only one database is used, Exago can join data from different sources into a single report.
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  • CData Drivers

    Additional database connection types are available using ADO.NET drivers provided by CData Software Inc., in partnership with Exago Inc., to connect to database types not natively included in the application.
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  • Cell Formatting

    Use the Report Designer's Format Cells dialog to customize how data values will display, add custom cell borders, and apply formatting based on certain conditions.
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