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  • Report Wizard: Layout

    The Report Wizard can be used to create a new Advanced Report in versions released before v2021.1. Use the Layout tab to initially place columns of data on the report.
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  • Roles

    Roles are created to specify how a user or group of users interfaces with Exago. Roles can restrict access to folders or data objects. Roles can also override the General Settings.
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  • Scheduler Settings

    Reports can be emailed or scheduled for recurring automated delivery to an email address. The Scheduler Settings are used to configure these services.
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  • REST - SchedulesV2

    Viewing, creating, modifying, and deleting schedules via the REST Web Service API is available in Exago v2021.1.1+. This feature requires the installation and proper configuration of the Scheduler Service.
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  • Advanced Reports: Sections (pre-v2021.1)

    The sections of an Advanced Report define the appearance and pattern of the report. Specifically, sections determine how frequently their cell contents are repeated. This article applies to versions of the application released prior to v2021.1.
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  • Sorting by Aggregates

    To sort groups by the summary, or aggregate, calculation of each group of an Advanced Report, use Top/Bottom filters. Top/Bottom filters look for the highest or lowest values in a set, and then put those values in order. Any arbitrary cell in the report can be the Top/Bottom filter.
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  • Dashboard Designer (v2019.2+)

    Dashboards are a way to combine several related reports into one unified viewing space. Existing reports can be added to a Dashboard, and new Visualizations can be created directly on the Dashboard itself. Images, text, other web sites, and interactive filters can also be added.
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  • Error Message Glossary

    This article serves as a glossary of error messages that may be displayed during the configuration or use of Exago BI. A list of potential causes and remedies is also included.
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  • ExpressView: Introduction

    The ExpressView Designer is a data discovery tool that simplifies grouping, sorting, filtering, and aggregating data with a drag-and-drop interface. A chart can be added with a single click, and ExpressViews can be styled and saved as PDF, RTF, CSV, or Excel files. This article applies to versions of the application released prior to v2021.1.
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