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  • Advanced Reports: Report Options

    Use the Report Options dialog to define certain permissions and features of the report in the Designer and the Viewer, including allowed export types and pagination functions.
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  • Advanced Reports: Sections (pre-v2021.1)

    The sections of an Advanced Report define the appearance and pattern of the report. Specifically, sections determine how frequently their cell contents are repeated. This article applies to versions of the application released prior to v2021.1.
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  • ExpressView: Visualizations (v2021.1+)

    Visualizations, also known as charts or graphs allow data to be showcased in a visual format. They allow data to be scanned quickly for patterns and trends. Charts can be easily made and customized in ExpressViews, in as little as one click.
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  • Dashboard Designer (v2019.2+)

    Dashboards are a way to combine several related reports into one unified viewing space. Existing reports can be added to a Dashboard, and new Visualizations can be created directly on the Dashboard itself. Images, text, other web sites, and interactive filters can also be added.
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  • ExpressView: Exporting (v2021.1+)

    ExpressViews are an easy way to display and visualize data. Exporting an ExpressView allows the contents of the report to be saved externally as either a PDF, Excel, RTF or CSV file, or as an Advanced Report.
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  • Dashboard Designer: Filters (v2019.2+)

    The Filters menu in the Dashboard Designer toolbar is where filters are created, modified or removed, and imported prompting report filters can be modified. Use the Filters menu to add interactive filter tiles to the Dashboard Canvas.
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