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  • Advanced Reports: Using the Toolbar (pre-v2021.1)

    The toolbar contains the buttons and menus used to modify the report. Modifications can include aesthetic formatting, inserting formulas and images, linking reports, and much more. This article applies to versions released before v2021.1.
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  • Advanced Reports: CrossTabs

    Use a CrossTab, or cross tabulation, for grouping and summarizing data fields that expands vertically and horizontally depending on the number of data groupings. CrossTabs are also known as two-way tables, contingency tables, or pivot tables.
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  • ExpressView: Introduction (v2021.1+)

    ExpressView is a report building tool that combines grouping, sorting, filtering, and summarizing data with a drag-and-drop interface. A chart can be added with a single click, and the entire report can be exported as PDF, RTF, CSV, or an Excel workbook.
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