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Take control with custom code.

When unforeseen use cases arise and you need new functionality fast, create it in-house using our flexible BI solution’s extensibility features. Exago BI’s code extension points make it easy to add new programming on the fly.

Application Integration

Data Integration

Customization & Extension

Customization & Extension

Embedded BI should be as flexible on the back end as it is on the front end. Find out how our application administrators effect a seamless UX using extension, customization, and localization tools.

flexible business intelligence - Customize Exago BI native formula and filter function library - blue green gradient of a square containing f(x) and a pencil over the top right corner

Custom functions.

Add to Exago BI’s native formula and filter function libraries by writing specialized functions specific to your business context.

flexible business intelligence - Hook into Exago BI engine with custom event implementations using Exago BI extensibility - blue green gradient icon of a cogwheel hovering over a monitor

Custom events.

Need to tweak our default programming? We plant code hooks all over the application so you can change what happens when users interact with UI controls or kick off backend processes.

flexible business intelligence - Create your own custom dialogs using Exago BI extensibility - blue green gradient icon of a popup opening within a internet window

Custom dialogs.

Tailor the report Scheduler and filter features to your specifications by launching a custom dialog window.

flexible business intelligence - Customize Exago BI product nomenclature to suit your needs -

Write your own language.

Customize language elements in every part of the application so you control everything from what to call report designers to the content of tooltips.

flexible business intelligence - Exago allows customizable language capabilities - blue green gradient of two reports, one with a Japanese hiragana and the other with the letter A and a checkmark above it

Internationalize and localize.

Reach customers in every part of the world with customizable language files that allow you to translate all of the text in the application.