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Welcome to Exago Launchpad

A high-performing and results-driven implementation service that works.

Exago Launchpad simplifies embedded BI implementations by providing a hub for in-house teams to collaborate with Exago experts. The hub seamlessly guides your team through the implementation process, using a combination of pre-built and customized workflows that include all the necessary tasks, documentation, and support channels your team needs to execute a high-performance implementation.

An Implementation Approach That Really Works.


A pre-built implementation workflow eliminates frustrating false starts, sets clear expectations, and helps you secure the right talent for each phase.


Cross-domain communications are captured on a single platform, ensuring critical messages don’t get lost in email or messaging apps.


Get a transparent view of each task and actions taken across your teams and ours. Manage project interdependencies and foster accountability throughout the process.


Get instant support documentation for snags, quickly recognize & address bottlenecks, get support, and roll out your BI solution to your customer faster.

Features & Benefits

Optimized Workflows

Tasks are grouped by category, making it easy to identify the who, when, where, and how for each as well as any snags that may arise.

Instant Support Documentation

Corresponding document aids are available on each task so your team gets real-time guidance on the go, minimizing bottlenecks in the process.

Hand-Raise Function

Your team can ‘raise’ their virtual hands when they need help from an Exago expert, triggering a notification for fast-track troubleshooting and support.

Task Tracking

Each task is easily monitored and provides timestamping for an extra layer of tracking and accountability.

Put the Most Comprehensive BI Platform in Your Clients’ Hands, Faster.

Begin your BI journey on the right foot and get a fast, seamless, high-quality implementation that works. From start to finish, Exago Launchpad puts roadmapping and quality concerns to rest, getting your BI solution live and into your customers’ hands, faster.