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Data Talks, Episode 3

Data Talks is Exago’s audio series on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, Kevin Smith of NextWave BI and Deanna Glinka of Quorum Software share tips and trade war stories from behind the front lines of data product management.


Segment 1: Pro Tips from Data Product Managers

(2:40) Kevin on being a “recovering” data product owner.

(6:55) On dealing with internal discord and misaligned objectives.

(8:48) On the complications of managing a data product in particular.

(11:32) On creating minimal viable products (MVPs).

(16:09) On aggregating and prioritizing product feedback.

(20:21) On organizational tools (Aha! and Trello in particular).

(21:03) Concrete product management hacks.

Segment 2: Lessons Learned in Buying BI

(26:16) Writing down your feature requirements before starting product demos.

(29:11) Paying attention to the “management ecosystem” as well as technical requirements during the evaluation process.

Segment 3: What We’re Nerding Out About This Week

(32:57) NoSQL data sources!

(34:31) Blockchain!


Featured Guests

Deanna Glinka is Senior Product Manager at Quorum Software, a leading software innovator for the energy industry. She has over fifteen years of reporting/analytics and product management experience.

Kevin Smith is principal consultant and founder of NextWave Business Intelligence, a Colorado-based analytics product strategy firm. You can follow him on Twitter at @KevinMSmith.

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