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Building Dashboard Visualizations for Clients

by | Dashboards & Data Viz, Deploying BI, Podcast

dashboard visualizations

Data Talks, Episode 14

Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, we talk to data visualization expert Allison Torban about preparing dashboards and their components on clients’ behalf. As a Data Visualization Designer for the American Enterprise Institute and host of the Data Viz Today podcast, Alli has extensive experience clarifying the goals and contexts around her clients’ data viz projects and working with them to build something appropriate and actionable. We learn some tricks of the trade and how they might be applied to the process of building out report and dashboard libraries for SaaS end users.


Segment 1: Building Visualizations for Clients

(1:00) About Alli’s podcast, Data Viz Today.

(2:50) On designing data vizes for a living at AEI.

(4:30) Challenges around working with data viz clients.

(10:50) Aligning with the client using “empathy road.”

(17:30) A sample SaaS dashboard design challenge.

(21:00) The importance of actionable visualizations on SaaS dashboards.

(27:10) Considering the audience: who, how long, and how often.

(28:50) The value of different visualization types, esp. maps.

(33:30) Weighing in on the pie chart debate.

(36:50) Dashboard alerts.

(39:30) Dashboard customization.

(42:20) General data viz tips: don’t truncate your y axis on bar charts!

Segment 2: What We Are Nerding Out About

(52:45) Alli: Flourish Talkies!

(54:55) Nicole: Inspirobot!

(57:15) Alex: ProductCamp Dallas!


Featured Guest

Allison Torban is a Data Visualization Designer for the American Enterprise Institute and host of the Data Viz Today podcast, which she started as an excuse to learn from top designers in the field. With a background in math and soft spot for geospatial data, Alli spends her free time playing with cutting-edge applications and contributing to the Data Visualization Society publication. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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