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Data Talks, Episode 8

Data Talks is Exago’s podcast on all-things business intelligence, analytics, and application software. This month, we talk to Christopher Fabri and Exago senior software engineer Richard Mohrmann, both formerly of Merrill Lynch, about bitemporal data modelling—what it is, why it’s such a valuable recordkeeping method, and why we don’t see more of it at the enterprise level.


Segment 1: “As Is” and “As Was”

(1:23) How Rich and Chris met and became colleagues.

(2:32) Merrill Lynch’s original setup and modelling overhaul mandate.

(5:06) What bitemporal data modelling is.

(9:36) Atemporal (or non-temporal) modelling vs temporal modelling

(18:19) The problem with DB snapshot versioning.

(21:49) How faulty historical data can adversely impact decisionmaking.

(24:27) A bitemporality example.

(29:29) What happens when companies who need bitemporality don’t implement it.

(31:40) Indexing using bitemporal timestamps.

(33:28) Implementing bitemporality as part of an overarching data strategy.

(35:45) Timing holes in recordkeeping.

(38:09) Future-dating changes.

(41:28) Getting executive buy-in when transitioning to bitemporal modeling.

(42:42) Effecting a transition to bitemporal modeling.

(50:15) Other industry verticals likely to find value in bitemporal modeling.

Segment 2: What We Are Nerding Out About

(50:50) Chris: artificial intelligence and deep learning!

(53:40) Rich: NLP at Exago

(54:52) Jen Stirrup!



Exago Collaborates with RPI on Natural Language Processing Engine

Jen Stirrup’s blog

Development of Further Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture by Martin Fowler

Deep Technical Dive in Bitemporal by MarkLogic


Featured Guests

Christopher Fabri is Senior Director at Symphony Communication Services LLC in Palo Alto, where he runs the Security Operations function. During his tenure at Merrill Lynch, he led the team that designed, built, and rolled out a new risk management platform across Equities. The new platform was used by all traders across the product complexity and velocity spectrum – from exotic traders, to Single Name options/Index traders, all the way to high frequency cash desk traders.

Christopher spends his free time playing tennis, basketball, and skiing but also enjoys old and new areas of interest in Physics and AI. Christopher lives in San Francisco and can be reached on LinkedIn and at [email protected]

Richard Mohrmann

Richard Mohrmann is Senior Software Engineer at Exago, Inc., producers of embedded business intelligence for software companies. He specializes in developing data management and reporting systems and has extensive experience developing financial data, automated trading, and risk management systems for the financial industry. In his spare time, Rich tinkers with classic cars and motorcycles and develops property with his family in New Paltz, NY. Rich can be reached via LinkedIn or at [email protected]

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