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SIS Partners with Exago to Bring Ad Hoc BI to Insurance Agencies Nationwide

by | Exago News

Ad Hoc Endowment Reporting

Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) has announced its plans to use Exago’s business intelligence solution as the analytics engine behind Partner XE’s ad hoc reporting suite. SIS, the team behind the innovative web-based insurance agency management system Partner XE, serves thousands of independent insurance agencies nationwide and was in search of a BI vendor that could deliver on business partnership as well as on technology.

“Partnering well is extremely important to us,” explains SIS CEO Alex Deak. “It’s part of our brand, and we know that the partners we choose will impact our customers. It’s about who you work with as much as what we do together.

The Ohio-based SIS team took a trip to Exago’s headquarters in Connecticut to assess compatibility before making their final decision. “When we visited the Exago team we knew we would work well together. The technology is great and, as in our business, the people make the difference,” says Deak.

Partner XE’s  integrated accounting features are among those benefiting most from the Exago integration. “What’s great is that Exago is able to offer a pretty complex result in a very simple-to-use fashion,” remarks Bryce Lee, Director of Product Management at SIS. “That was critical for us.” Lee and his team are looking forward not only adding more robust reports to their client agency libraries but also empowering end users to create their own.

SIS was intent on finding a BI solution that would empower its end users to access the data that was most important to them. Lee says that it was not long after deploying Exago BI that his team began receiving positive feedback on the new features. “Users like how nice the report layouts are and how helpful it is to be able to adjust filters after a report has been executed,” he relates. “We’re excited to add several new features to our Partner XE system, including report scheduling, graphical reports for dashboards, comparison reporting, and the ability to build reports from scratch.”

Exago BI is a business intelligence solution specializing in ad hoc reporting and integration with SaaS applications like Partner XE. Exago BI’s analytics engine will enable insurance professionals to aggregate and report off of data sets from disparate sources, easily personalize preexisting reports, and perform ad hoc analytics. SIS uses Exago’s open API to expose different elements of the application to different users based on their authorization level and departmental role, ensuring that all users have easy access to the dashboards, drilldowns, and interactive filters they need to assess the company’s operational health.

“We knew from the outset that it was going to be great to work with SIS,” remarked Exago cofounder and CEO Mike Brody. “It had the markings of a good match from the beginning, and we’re excited to see the partnership evolve.”

About Strategic Insurance Software

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) produces Partner XE, an innovative web-based insurance agency management system helping independent agents break free from the status quo. Partner XE’s streamlined workflows are easy to use and enable agencies to run their business more affordably and effectively. Supporting real-time interaction, integrated agency accounting, and downloads from over 360 carriers, Partner XE is committed to making independent agents’ lives easier.

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