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Shelton CT, September 21, 2017 – Revolt Group, LLC announced its plans to use Exago’s business intelligence solution as the analytics and reporting engine behind Affinity Insights and and other custom software applications they plan to build moving forward.
“When evaluating solutions, we look at each one as a collection of building blocks,” explains Revolt Director of Technology Ian Morris. “And we gravitate toward the ones with the pieces we need. Exago’s clean graphical interface, user-friendly ad hoc reporting, and extensive API integration options made it easy for us to build on top of WordPress and leverage its modules. That’s the kind of flexibility we need.”
Revolt Group, a boutique technology consulting firm based in West Chester, PA, propels businesses through their next stage of growth by working with executives to audit and optimize their technological systems. After diagnosing the business problem, Revolt crafts a solution, sourcing those technologies that already exist on the market and developing those that do not.

“Big IT and legacy tech companies try to guide clients to their solution instead of coming up with the best solution to the problem. Revolt’s name comes from our rebellion against this idea.”

Leo Dauito Founding Partner

“It’s very important that we understand the underlying cause of the problem and address the root cause, not just the symptoms,” says founding partner Leo Daiuto. “Big IT and legacy tech companies try to guide clients to their solution instead of coming up with the best solution to the problem. Revolt’s name comes from our rebellion against this idea. Instead, we listen more than we talk and take a customer-first approach to solving the issue. That’s how we become a trusted part of the executive team.”
Revolt’s long-term, client-centered approach to consulting called for a BI solution with a license agreement as scalable as its technology. Exago’s flat-rate pricing meant that Revolt Group could offer businesses a central access point to their data without penalizing the growth that would result from their increased efficiency.
Exago BI is a business intelligence solution specializing in ad hoc reporting and integration with SaaS applications like Affinity Insights, the custom software solution Revolt is building for a carpentry union’s benefits division. Exago BI’s analytics engine will enable benefits professionals to aggregate and report off of data sets from disparate insurance companies, healthcare providers, and medical agencies. Revolt uses Exago’s open API to expose different elements of the application to different users based on their authorization level and departmental role, ensuring that executives have easy access to the dashboards, drilldowns, and interactive filters they need to assess the company’s operational health.
“We are delighted for the opportunity to work with such inspired developers,” remarked Exago cofounder and CEO Mike Brody. “Our partners play an integral role in helping shape the product, and Revolt has already had a welcome impact.”

About Revolt Group
Revolt Group evolved out of a software development agency founded by brothers Leo and Anthony Daiuto in 2006. Its client-centered approach to technology consulting flies in the face of product-first strategies by working to find the right solution to the problem, whatever that may be. They stress the importance of infrastructure, great design, and customer service so that firms can not only embrace the digital future, but excel in it. Learn more about their philosophy and custom technologies at therevoltgroup.com.

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