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In Summer of 2016, Management Controls, Inc., a Houston-based software company specializing in solutions for contractor-reliant industries, contracted Exago Services to assist in their transition from MS Silverlight to Exago BI in their flagship product, Track. Track is the market-leading application for owners and contractors seeking greater cost control, transparency and contract compliance in industries including oil & gas, chemicals, power generation, metals & mining, and paper & pulp.

MCi had already had great success and customer response after embedding Exago BI into Forecaster, it’s shutdown, turnaround, and outage (STO) cost management solution. “Forecaster provides 100% timesheet integration with Track,” explains Lori Mendel, Project Manager for MCi’s Reporting and BI Training division. “It made sense to incorporate Exago into both solutions.”

But transitioning to a new Lori Mendelanalytics implementation means recreating the original reports and dashboards so that they are compatible with the new solution—a daunting task for any team—and training clients in the new system. MCi was dealing with resource constraints on its implementation and services team at the time, so help from Exago Services made it possible for them to rollout the new platform while managinga backlog of client projects.

“We engaged the Exago Services team on three separate occasions last summer,” says Mendel, “and we are definitely glad we did.”

First, in June, Exago Senior Manager of Client Services Travis McGrath assisted the MCi team by recreating 6 of its top-level reports and 18 drilldown reports. Then, in August, Exago BI Consultant Nick Cortina completed the report recreation project with the remaining 6 top-level reports and 20 drilldown reports. Finally, McGrath was brought on-site to lead a two-day BI reports training session for MCi staff. The training covered every aspect of report and dashboard creation, followed by a support workshop and custom report consultation wherein employees could get individualized assistance. Exago also assisted with the initial client training requests.

We engaged the Exago Services team on three separate occasions last summer and are definitely glad we did.

“What really stands out in my mind,” says Mendel, “is the consistent manner in which Travis and Nick proactively reached out to our project team to identify ways to improve system performance and the user experience. They provided multiple options and advice on the pros and cons of each approach.”
Since the Track rollout, MCi has taken over client training on the BI tool, offering both a complimentary 3-hour BI workshop and a billable 12-hour BI reports training service.

After attending Exago’s annual Client Advisory Board meeting this past July, Mendel and colleagues Roman Trevino and Jay Kinberger have instated plans to upgrade their system to Exago v2017.1 later this year and expose more data to its users. Kinberger, President of Progressive Maintenance Consultants, will apply his 35+ years of manufacturing experience in facilitating this next phase of BI and reporting strategy, helping clients optimize their reporting performance along the way.

“Many of us at MCi realize there is a wealth of Track data sitting virtually unused at the moment—‘golden nuggets’ that have the potential to drive business success if we equip our clients to make the most of it,” explains Mendel. “Our goal is to better utilize the data and expand our analytics capabilities.”

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