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Kingston Mayor Praises Exago’s Contributions to Local Economy

by | Exago News

Stew Meyer Scott Epter and the Mayor in Kingston office_strip

Aug 2017, KINGSTON, NY – Upon paying a visit to the company’s Kingston office last Friday, Mayor Steve Noble commended Exago for its part in revitalizing the City’s business district.

“I was really impressed with the number of employees you have here and how creative everybody seems,” says Noble, whose office is leading a campaign to make Kingston a better habitat for makers and entrepreneurs.

“For a long time,” Noble explained while touring the Exago offices on Wall Street, “we had Kingston residents who worked from home or out of their garages, and they were able to be pretty enterprising in those environments, but when you put people like that together in a space like this, where they can actually talk to each other and feel supported, you can get a lot of really cool stuff done.”

Above (left to right): CTO Stewart Meyers, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble, VP Technology Scott Epter

Exago does cool stuff with data. Its product, Exago BI, is a reporting and analytics solution designed to embed into other software applications so that the veterinary clinics, nonprofits, and manufacturing facilities using those applications can make data-driven decisions about treating puppies, allocating donations, and building rockets. (Yes, rockets.)

Noble learned about Exago from the Ulster County Office of Economic Development, which recently helped with a campaign to attract recruits. Two of the employees hired as part of that campaign are currently looking for housing in Kingston.

Exago’s workforce has more than doubled in the past year-and-a-half. Of the 21 employees Exago hired since the start of 2016, 14 of them are or were at one point stationed at the Kingston office. The company’s headquarters are in Shelton, CT.

Kingston’s historic Stockade District, a walkable uptown studded with shops, eateries, yoga studios, and art venues, has played a crucial role in the city’s revival, but Noble feels there’s more to be done. “We’re seeing a lot of really creative people wanting to live here because they love the quality of life,” he explains. “But they want to be able to work here, too, so they don’t have to leave that behind.”

Noble’s plan to support local industry involves unifying the city, connecting the uptown Stockade District to the bustling Broadway Corridor to the downtown’s Rondout Waterfront District. A key component of this plan will be the Broadway Streetscape Project, which will include new sidewalks and bicycle and pedestrian amenities along Broadway. The project is scheduled to begin in 2018.

Steve Noble was elected Mayor of Kingston in 2015 at the age of 33 after serving as the city’s environmental educator for ten years. A lifelong Kingston resident, he plans to continue working with local businesses to create a diversified economy conducive to sustainable growth.


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