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Exago Releases v2020.1 of Exago BI

by | Exago News

Exago BI Version 2020.1

On July 2, Exago released the latest version of its embedded business intelligence application, Exago BI. The technical advancements in this release bring enhanced performance as well as UX improvements that increase ease of use and efficiency for report creators.  

A highlight of this version is the Storage Management overhaul. According to Product Manager Alexander Agoado, “Storage Management is a more robust, reliable, and customizable solution that will simplify file and folder maintenance for our clients.”

The new Storage Management system replaces the legacy file system, cloud storage, folder management and web service (SOAP) storage methods with a relational database that includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Storage Management enables a flexible folder and report permissions model that lays the groundwork for further development of features like collaboration, annotation, version control, and more. 

According to VP of Software Engineering Peter Fernandes, “This version sees several enhancements to Exago BI’s SQL generation engine that lead to massive performance increases thanks to more in-database summarization.” New use cases qualifying for in-database summarization include grouping on an Exago formula, using a summary function on a complex formula, and executing a report that pulls data from multiple sources. Fernandes noted, “These improvements leverage Exago’s built-in support for converting report formulas to SQL that can be executed in the database for improved efficiency.”

UI/UX improvements were also made throughout the product. ExpressViews, Advanced Reports, and Dashboards have all received thoughtful additions that enhance the report-building experience for all users. Front end enhancements include optimized conversions between ExpressViews and Advanced Reports, a new formula bar in the Advanced Report interface geared toward experienced formula writers, an undo/redo button in the Dashboard Designer for quick corrections, and a new Getting Started page for more expedient white labeling, to name just a few.  

New Exago BI Advanced Report Formula Bar

Type formulas directly in the formula bar with assistance from our Intelligent Formula Editor.

The strategic enhancements in this release make using it more enjoyable for new and power users alike. There is a lot for developers and report builders to be excited about in Exago BI v2020.1.


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