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Exago Inc. Unveils New Dashboard Designer in v2019.2 of Exago BI

by | Exago News

Exago Inc. has released version 2019.2 of its embedded business intelligence software, Exago BI. In keeping with the company’s focus on self-service and customer success, this release is geared toward optimizing user experience in all areas of the application, with a revamped dashboard designer leading the charge.

“Our goal was to make dashboards more intuitive for new and experienced users alike,” said UX Designer Bailey Costello. “We conducted multiple rounds of usability sessions to make sure we were building something that reduces the learning curve and adheres to common user instincts.” 

According to Product Manager Alexander Agoado, “The intent was to create a workflow so people of all skill levels can use the full power of Exago visualizations in a pleasant and straightforward interface.” 

The centerpiece of the new dashboard designer is the visualization builder. Its automatic data model recognition and comprehensive, compact design pane provide a simplified workflow for creating complex and powerful charts and tables. The new layout lets users control everything from data aggregations to styling in one centralized location. This makes it easy for them to orient themselves on the dashboard canvas and quickly access the tools they need to build and edit visualizations on the fly.


Exago BI dashboard visualization style menu

Style tab with stock or custom themes


But the redesign was about more than just layout. Dashboards in v2019.2 and beyond give users the ability to create and explore interactive data stories by drilling down into entire dashboards from reports and visualizations. With this capability, users don’t have to leave their data to see it in context. 

This enhancement paired with existing functionality allows users to link, interact with, export, e-mail, and schedule dashboards in Exago BI, leaving no stone — or use case — unturned.


Exago BI chart type menu

Chart type selector with line chart dropdown


This release also comes with several new features for administrators to be excited about, like custom aggregate functions, access to the scheduler through the REST API, and more.

With its attention to detail and concern for the customer’s experience, version 2019.2 builds on the central tenets of Exago BI: flexibility, self-service, and ease of use.

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