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Exago, a longstanding player in the self-service embedded BI space, has announced radical new user experience enhancements as part of its most recent release of Exago BI. Version 21.1 features sweeping updates to its ExpressView designer, Advanced Report designer, and Dashboard designer, culminating in a streamlined look and even more intuitive experience for SaaS self-service BI users.

“For fifteen years, SaaS providers across a wide variety of industries have embedded Exago BI to enhance their products with analytics,” says Exago co-founder and CEO Mike Brody, “We know that the success of our clients depends, in large part, on how easy and accessible they make data for their clients, many of whom are non-technical users. We are continually looking for new ways to lower barriers to entry into analytics, and Version 21.1 is a huge step toward that goal.”

Carefully designed to accelerate user training and adoption, the UI changes to 21.1 have already begun to garner positive feedback. “Prospective buyers and a select group of clients have been using the beta version and they are loving the new, cleaner interface,” says Exago COO Mark Selinger.

New Features

Redesigned ExpressView Layout. ExpressView, Exago BI’s drag-and-drop report design studio, is optimized for clean data presentation and consumption.

ExpressView Canvas in Exago BI v2021.1

Groups now appear to the left of the data rows for easy viewing.

ExpressView grouping in Exago BI 2021.1

Users can perform common data manipulations without writing formulas.

ExpressView Quick Functions in ExagoBI v2021.1

Enhanced Advanced Report UX. Advanced Reports, Exago BI’s pixel-perfect report design studio, no longer opens with a wizard. Now, users enjoy a streamlined canvas and the freedom to dive into the report-building process at any point.

This version includes more than a dozen interaction updates, including a toolbar that puts the most common controls only a click away, highly discoverable row and column menus, and a flexible report-saving workflow.

Advanced Report Canvas in Exago BI v2021.1

The Interactive Report viewer, which allows users to make custom changes to preexisting Advanced Reports, has also been given a fresh look.

Dashboard Data Refresh. Users may now choose when to refresh their data during the dashboard design process, avoiding unnecessary data processing and improving overall performance.

Dashboard Data Refresh in Exago BI v2021.1

Other. Version 21.1 additionally features several ancillary enhancements, most notably the addition of radar and stacked area charts, improved filtering performance, and added configurability for report storage management.

Pricing and Availability

Version 21.1 of Exago BI is now available. Please visit exagobi.com or contact [email protected] for pricing information. Exago contracts are all-inclusive and for one flat annual fee.

About Exago

Exago offers SaaS companies the highest-value embedded BI on the market, delivering the most comprehensive suite of tools at one all-inclusive price. Providing simplicity on the font-end, virtually unlimited control over the back-end, and specialized, in-house client support, Exago BI continues to be the ideal embedded analytics solution for leading SaaS companies like Datto, Kronos-UKG, Transactis-Mastercard, DealerSocket, Vivify Health, and KPMG.

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