Exago BI Introducing JavaScript API Embedding

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Earlier this week, Exago published a new version of its business intelligence software featuring support of JavaScript APIs, an enhancement allowing companies to embed multiple instances of Exago BI in their host applications using only a single session.
“A JavaScript API makes it possible to create a collage of BI elements—be they reports, report builders, or visualizations—without the performance cost of initializing multiple sessions,” explains CTO Stew Meyers. “Now application architects will have added control over how they expose Exago BI to their users.”
The JavaScript API facilitates loading Exago BI components into containers called divs. To effect this, the session is first loaded into the DOM (Document Object Model). Then, the embeddable elements of the application (essentially anything besides Exago BI’s Main Menu and tab ribbon) are loaded into a div of choice.

“Clients will only need one of ten or twelve calls to load virtually any component of the application into a div,” says Ryan Bazinet, lead developer on the JS API project. “All they’ll need to make the call is the Exago URL, the name of the element they want to load, and the div location they want to use.”

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