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Exago Announces its Release of v2018.1

by | Exago News

Ad Hoc Endowment Reporting

On June 1st, Exago Inc. released version 2018.1 of its top-rated business intelligence suite, Exago BI. This release brings a number of power features to the end-user interface, as well as updates to the UI and improvements to performance and responsiveness.

In a previous version, Exago Inc. introduced the ExpressView reporting concept: Quick-to-create data visualizations aimed at giving an easy drag-and-drop experience to non-technical users of ad hoc reporting. Step by step, they have found ways to build more and more powerful reporting capabilities into ExpressView, all while maintaining its trademark simplicity and ease of use. This version’s addition of Formula Columns to ExpressView brings the report builder ever closer to supplanting traditional ad hoc reporting concepts.

Formula Columns allow end-users to create custom data fields in ExpressView by transforming arbitrary preexisting field data. Formulas are a longstanding staple of reporting tools and have been available as part of Exago BI’s Advanced Reports since the application’s inception. Now, ExpressView has combined advanced formula autocompletion with drag-and-drop interactivity to create a formula building experience that is unrivaled in its user friendliness. Formula creation has never been less intimidating for non-technical end users.

Report-Level SQL Dialog Window in Exago BI


On the other side of the coin, power users have gained additional reporting capabilities with the addition of report-level custom SQL objects. Knowledgeable report writers can now bypass default data models by supplying arbitrary SQL objects in the report designer itself. This is especially useful in fast-paced reporting environments where business analysts require frequent object-level adjustments and cannot afford to wait on work orders.


Formulas in ExpressView


Other enhancements in this version work toward delivering a more performance-focused experience for all users of the application. Infinite scrolling allows reports to load values as needed, improving performance without requiring additional user input. Vertical tables pivot in a more performant manner, as the database is now responsible for the heavy lifting. This is in addition to several other performance-optimizing enhancements to both front- and back-end processes.

Exago BI is the Top Rated Software Application in Connecticut, according to G2 Crowd.

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