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B2W enhances the ONE platform with Exago BI

by | Exago News

Ad Hoc Endowment Reporting

B2W, a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software and services, has integrated Exago BI with its ONE platform to provide customers with self-service ad hoc reporting and dashboards.

Bihari Srinivasan, B2W Vice President of Engineering, who researched many different BI solutions before choosing Exago, cites three main deciding factors: the robust and stable Exago API which allows B2W to interact with and fully control the Exago application programmatically, the ability to skin Exago to meld into the B2W offerings, and the straightforward Exago licensing model which allows B2W to scale deployment as needed without incurring additional costs.

Srinivasan said that Exago’s open and collaborative approach to supporting its partners has helped B2W meet very specific requirements that are unique to its environment.

“Technically, I really liked what I saw in Exago, and as our partnership develops, my faith in Exago to support B2W’s business needs is being strengthened. Other solution providers could meet our demands from a features perspective, but Exago really understood what we are asking for and why we are asking for it in a way that others did not. At every step, Exago was invested in helping us meet our goals. Everything B2W needed, Exago provided.”

-Bihari Srinivasan, B2W Vice President of Engineering

About Exago Inc.

Exago Inc. was founded with the objective of providing an easy to use, flexible yet powerful ad hoc reporting solution. Their flagship product, eWebReports, is a critical tool for application software and service providers to integrate into their own products, thereby increasing the value of their offerings to their customers and prospects.

About B2W

B2W Software is a premier provider of enterprise-class construction software, services and solutions that is redefining the future for streamlined operations. B2W Software solutions effectively leverage the latest technologies into a unified system approach for estimating and bidding, field tracking and analysis, resource planning and dispatching, and asset maintenance. Learn more about B2W.

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