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Empower your users with the data they demand.

Exago BI gives your users the power. The power to explore data, build reports, and architect dashboards—on their own terms. The power to bring their data to life, no matter their technical skill level.

Not sure your users can do analytics on their own? Millions of users already are with Exago BI. Fill out the form below to request a live demo.

Solutions for Your Company

A completely white-labeled solution, Exago blends in seamlessly with your application; users won’t even know they’re using a third-party tool.

Our embedded software already meets most customer needs out of the box, but with open APIs and robust code extension points, you can tailor the reporting and dashboarding experience to your unique user base. You also have the option to quickly and easily build reports on behalf of your customers if you’d like.

“Game-changer. We went from hassles with Jasper and Crystal reports and not being able to create what clients needed, to now they can use our base system Exago reports or make whatever they need!”

— David Minaskanian, DevOps Engineer, Bullhorn

Solutions for
Your Customers

Give your users the power to access the data they want, the way they want it, when they want it.

Our ExpressView designer makes it simple for non-technical users to explore data and build reports on their own, while more technical users can use our powerful Advanced Report designer, unlocking even more customization capabilities.

We spent a fair bit of time looking at other .NET OEM and embedded BI solutions, but only Exago could be seamlessly integrated with our application and meet our extensive database user security model and filtering requirements.”

— Tom Gimpel, VP Product Development and Delivery, Softerware

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