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An Open Letter to Our SysAdmin

by | Employee Stories

Dear Aaron Cristaldi,

When you joined Exago nine years ago as employee number-one (excluding the founders, naturally), your first act as sysadmin was to set up our phone system. Didn’t seem to matter that you’d never wired phones before — you just entered this state of zen, did the research, and got the job done so that we didn’t have to resort to carrier pigeons.

Today, because of you, the emails we send to clients don’t all go to spam. Because of you, our new employees have perfectly configured PCs with all the tools they’ll need to get started on their first day.

Because of you, we can access each others’ Exago environments during collaborative meetings, connect to our desktops remotely on snow days, and rest assured that our machines won’t fry during the next summer thunderstorm. You help us decipher cryptic error messages, write stored procedures, adjust IIS settings, and wrestle technical support calls into submission. Kindly.

But most importantly, as CEO Mike Brody says, you’ve always done what was asked of you with an air of professionalism and “good cheer.” VP Technology Scott Epter has only seen you “miffed” two or three times in the past six years, despite the countless poorly defined, last-minute requests thrown your way. You’re always upbeat and bring the kind of positive, client-focused-while-remaining-fun-to-be-around energy that makes the team as a whole better. When you’re not tinkering in your home workshop or tending to your vegetable garden, you’re listening to classic rock at your toy-festooned desk, ready to answer a question, even if it’s for the umpteenth time.

Aaron, in observance of SysAdmin Appreciation Day, we wanted to publically acknowledge everything you’ve done and continue to do for this company. So thank you, Baron of Puns and Scryer of the Magic 8 Ball, for ministering to our myriad systems and being a cornerstone of the company’s culture.

Exago, Inc.

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