Calculate the ROI of Embedded BI

Development Cost Savings

Do your developers spend time fulfilling report requests for clients instead of focusing on your core product?

How many of your developers spend time writing custom reports for clients?

What percentage of their time do these developers spend writing reports?

Exago customers report that, prior to embedding self-service BI, their developers spent 35% of their time on average fulfilling customer report requests.


What is the average salary for developers at your company?

According to Glassdoor, the national average salary for Software Engineers is $106,557 per year in the United States. Low salary $72,000. High salary $158,000.


What you could save on developer costs with embedded BI:


Customer Churn Cost Savings

Do you have clients who may not renew if the reporting and dashboards in your product are not improved?

How many of your clients are at risk of churning if you don’t provide better analytics?

What is your average customer contract value?


What you could save on customer churn with embedded BI:


Added Revenue from New Sales​

Could you close more deals and charge more for your product with embedded analytics?

What could you charge new customers for your product if it included a comprehensive suite of self-service analytics tools?


How many additional deals could you close with a more competitive BI offering?

What you could generate in additional with embedded BI:


What you could generate in additional with embedded BI: